How To Get 1950’s Make Up Styles

How To Get 1950's Make Up Styles

The age of makeup entered its golden age in the 1950’s. For the first time, unknown models began to rival the big Hollywood names in becoming the ‘face’ of makeup brands.

make up and dressing. The fashion era of that time was completely occupied by uniqueness in looks. Fashion in simple language means “to show off” and during 1950 the styles of showing off were entirely different from that of today.

Dressing styles were for long skirts along with smartly placed cat-look glasses over the eyes and the make was done in accordance with this style only. The look to so in demand as if the people themselves wanted to look like actors and actresses. Perfection in their retro look was everyone’s only desire. Even in simple occasional parties, glamour was the thumb rule. Pan Cake make up style of Max Factor was very much in demand.

In simple terms the 1950’s make up style emphasised over the luscious looks: Red colour was really in demand especially in lipsticks. During the eye make up, some nice toning was given to the eyelids, over the top as well as on the bottom. The colour tone of the cheeks was given a sort of pinkish tone.

If you are really willing to get that particular look, then it would be beneficial if you start by darkening your eyelids by the use of some dark coloured liner and mascara. It should be added with the application of glossy lip colour, red or slight cherry shade would do. Try a smart colour like glossy blue or turquoise good for your eyes. This would actually take your look back to the previous years as the new generation is really fond of the retro look.

Through people especially women were fond of glamorous looks some preference was also given to the natural appeal of the face.

For getting a natural look, use simpler tones of the lipsticks and lip liners. Matte finish over the lips would make them look really smart and attractive. Apply a double coat over the eyelids and broaden the lines of the line as well.

There are few steps for improving the application procedure. Beginners can get benefited by them easily


In the very first step, you need toapply the foundation very carefully. It should be according to the complexion of the skin. The application should be properly done so that it could remove the appearance of the blemishes etc. By doing this thoroughly you’ll get a clean base for stating the further steps.


Pale skin was back again, and pastel hues in powder. Delicacy was the goal for foundation creams and top names like Elizabeth Arden and Max Factor and Helena Rubinstein jostled for supremacy in a woman’s handbag. Unlike the 1940s, when a dab of powder was all that was available or affordable for a woman, now every day began with a foundation base, a mask like complexion – a blank canvas.You completed the look with peachy or flesh coloured powder.

Eye make up

Eye make up is started in the second step where you will have to apply a thick layer of liner and mascara around the eyelids. Thick layer was very much in fashion during that period. To get a similar look try using a brush for better look of the brows. Apply some sharpness around the eyes but don’t forget about your original look.<

eye shadow

The use of eye shadow should be in a lighter shade. The tone of it could be shinny, silver colour but emphasis on the simple look.

Eye Liner

A black line with a little outward flick was the fashionable look, creating an almond-shaped eye. Using eye liner in general was in vogue and pencils could be found in various colours, including the basic black, brown and grey along with blues, greens and purples


Many people prefer or to be more correct the retro look gave preference to big eyelashes so you can use artificial eyelashes to become noticeable. But artificial doesn’t mean it should look unreal. Double coat the liner on the top of your eyelashes. Prevent yourself from looking funny. You can avoid this step if you could not carry on the fake look. In this case, try using dark black mascara and thicken the coating.

Nail Polish

Manufacturers co-ordinated their nail enamel colours with their lipsticks, so reds, pinks and corals were popular colours, with clear nail polish being an option too. Nail polish was popular with teens.

pink rose colour

Use a pink rose colour for getting a glow on the cheeks. Apply a coat properly and use a sponge to merge the colour and give a smart look.

lip liner

Then comes the turn of the lips, remember retro look gives emphasis on the red colour so use a red lip liner to highlight the lips and fill the inner portion with the a red or cherry colour. Pinkish red would also look attractive.

While you apply this style, do not forget about some precautions

1. Give preference to calm and soft looks as many times the 1950 make up style is misunderstood and people take it as giving loud appeal to the face.

2. The application of the mascara and line should be according to the latest trends. Just because the retro look emphasises on dark and thick coating of theeyelids it doesn’t means you’ll spoil your natural original look.


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