8 Ways To Flatten A Man’s Stomach

8 Ways To Flatten A Man’s Stomach

Most men want to look handsome and self-confident. It has been seen that people with good physic and well toned body are comparatively more confident their work. Being healthy and fit can give you a sense of good feeling.

On the other hand, rotund stomach and excess belly fat can make you feel low. If you want to improve your appearance then getting a flat stomach can make a lot of difference.

The various advertisements regarding machines to flatten stomach can give you the impression that it is very easy to flatten your stomach. But the fact about getting is just the opposite! You can flatten your stomach only with the help of rigorous exercises, proper and balanced nutrition and good eating habits followed on a regular basis.

One more thing to remember while dealing with flattening your stomach is to set a long term goal for it because shedding the pounds in your belly area is quite difficult.

Stomach fat is believed to be very stubborn, which do not respond to any one type of weight loss method. In order to flatten your stomach, you should combine different weight loss techniques and then follow these techniques until your stomach turns flat. Unlike women, quick or fast weight loss is not possible in the stomach area for men. Hence, you must try to follow an integrated approach for getting flat stomach.

Given below are some effective and proven techniques that can help you in flattening your stomach and get a sexy and well toned body.

How to Flatten a Man’s Stomach:

Lose Your Overall Body Weight

Men cannot flatten their stomach without losing their excess body weight. So the first objective should be to achieve overall weight loss by giving up your sedentary lifestyle and getting engaged in all sort of physical activities that promote weight loss. If you have led a sedentary lifestyle in the past and suddenly feel the urge to flatten your stomach then you cannot achieve this objective instantly.

In order to flatten your stomach, you will have to make your body muscles flexible and prepare them to take up the hard core exercises in the near future. Therefore, start performing stretching exercises, squatting, sit-ups, skipping, etc at home to get a flexible body.

Consume Balanced Diet

Stomach fat gets deposited over the years due to inactive lifestyle and faulty eating habits. So the next step in flattening a man’s stomach is to eat a balanced diet. Firstly, eliminate the unhealthy foods from your diet. This will prevent further deposition of fat in your body including stomach.

Unhealthy foods that should be avoided by a man, who wants to flatten his stomach, may include highly processed foods, greasy foods, foods high in saturated fats and trans fats, deep fried foods, soda, soft drinks, beverages containing artificial flavors and additives, refined grains, added sugars, etc.

Certain foods are considered healthy for as they encourage your body to burn fat and lose weight. Eat foods such as lean sources of protein (beans, poultry, tofu, etc), complex carbohydrates like fruits, whole grains and vegetables. Your body will require more protein for building muscles and hence increase the forces of it.


Flattening a man’s stomach is difficult without a regular exercise regime. You can attain a flat stomach without opting for exercises only through the surgical methods. But surgery is not appreciated by most experts unless you are physically handicapped or are suffering from an underlying condition and cannot perform hard core exercises.

Regular exercise is of prime importance for getting a flat stomach. So get into the habit of daily exercises and perform exercises that tone your body and make target the reduction of fat around the stomach area.

Perform Abdominal Exercises

Abdominal exercises are essential for getting a flat stomach. These exercises help your body in building muscles in the long run. So even if you don’t notice any change in the shape of your abdominal muscles, you should continue performing these exercises. Well built stomach muscles also help in giving support to your back so that you can prepare it for performing more strenuous exercises for getting a flat stomach.

Perform Stability Ball Crunches

Taking help of a stability ball to flatten your stomach can be a wonderful idea and you will enjoy performing it. Stability ball crunches should be performed on a regular basis to strengthen your whole midsection.This exercise does not exert any pressure on the spine and hence is considered to be safe and effective for getting well toned abs. You should join a gym and learn different exercises that can be performed with the help of a stability ball and practice regularly.

Interval Training

It is a high-intensity cardio exercise that burns more calories in comparatively less time. Interval training is believed to be more effective than a steady paced cardio exercise. In order to perform interval training, you should work at a moderate or slow pace which should be followed by a fast pace.

The length of each interval can last for half a minute to four minutes, depending upon your endurance. Practice interval training for about 20 minutes and then cool down your body. Interval training can also be done with the help of running or rope jumping. You should try these interval training workouts too!

Build Muscle

If you want to have a flat stomach then you should build muscle in all parts of your body. When you will have extra lean muscle, it will help you in burning extra calories. You can lift weights or workout on weight machines with the help of your trainer.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water not only keeps you alive but it also acts as a universal solvent as well as a natural fat burner in the body. Hence you must drink plenty of water throughout the day to avoid dehydration. Drink water before starting your workout, in between your workout and post workout. This will avoid tiredness caused by dehydration, post workout period. Water helps in flushing out the toxins along with the fat burnt in the body.


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