How To Earn Money From YouTube

How To Earn Money From YouTube

Do you want earn more money? You tube is one of the best online method to earn money. You tube is a service of Google and you know Google is how much popular. If you are using you tube to see video clips online then you can also earn extra money with this You tube.

When you play the video on you tube then you can see ad on that video. Similarly you need to make video and upload on you tube. We are discussing in this post that how you can earn money online with you tube.  You can know every thing about to earn money from you tube. There are many ways to earn money online. We have published one post for  How to earn money fast. Other ways are like blogging, adsense, affiliate marketing etc.

You Tube is the best platform to upload the video online. You can easily earn 50K to 1Lack monthly by just uploading video. There are many people who earn more than lacks from you tube. You can also earn more money in lacks. Just follow the given steps in this post and make money.

Simple steps to earn money from you tube:

Step 1: Create Youtube Channel

First you need to create the YouTube channel. For this go to and login with your gmail id. If you don’t have gmail id then first you need to create the gmail id. Gmail id I required because YouTube is a service of Google.

Step 2: Upload 4 – 5 Video:

After creating YouTube channel, make the few videos. You can make any video for example any funny video, any informational video etc. Then upload these video on your You Tube Channel. Make sure give the proper title, description and tags for all your you tube videos.

Step 3: Link your Channel to Google Adsense

Once you have uploaded the you tube videos, you need to link your channel to google adsense. You will see the ad on your videos, all these ad come from adsense and when any one click on these ad then you will earn the money from these clicks.

Step 4: Start Making Best Video

Now your you tube channel has been created and you have already linked your channel to the adsense. So start making videos and upload on your chanStep 3: Connect YouTube Channel To Ad Sensenel. Your income will start with your videos.

For more income you need to increase the viewer of your channel. For this you can promote your videos to several social channels.

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