How To Earn Money From Whatsapp [Step by Step Tutorial]

How To Earn Money From Whatsapp [Step by Step Tutorial]

Everyone wants to earn more income. There are many ways to earn money online from home. If you have simple knowledge of internet then you can easily earn more money just work from home.  Do you know you can also earn a lot of money from your whats app? Yes, you use the whatsapp form chatting purpose but you can also make money with this whatsapp.

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In this post we will see the simple and easy method that how to earn money from whatsapp. You can send the massages, audio, video and photo from your whatsapp to the other person. Everyone has smart phones and internet facility so use this facility to make more money.

For Making Money you Need Three things:

  • Smart Phone
  • Internet on mobile
  • More whatsapp number

If you don’t have the more numbers then you can take help from facebook contacts. So grab a much as possible numbers of whatsapp. You can make the broadcast of your whatsapp numbers. You can send massage to the 256 people with the help of broadcast.

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Best Simple Methods to Make Money From Whatsapp

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Online Teaching
  3. Sell Your Own Product
  4. Website Promotion
  5. Paid Promotion

Affiliate Marketing to Earn Money Online

Affiliate marketing is the method to make money from home, in this we need to sell the product. You get the commission on every sell. For this you need to create the affiliate account on FlipKart, Amazon. The take the affiliate link of the product which you want to sell. Now the final step is to send the affiliate link to the whatsapp. Send this link to the broadcast group. When any one buy the product through your massage then you will get the commission.

Online Teaching to Earn Money From Whatsapp

You can promote your talent if you have any through whatsapp. You can circulate the talent to the whatsapp group. If anyone interested then they can contact to you for this. You can charge for this and get money.

Sell Your Own Product from Whatsapp and Earn Money

If you have any product or you have the shop then you can promote the products through whatsapp and increase your sell. You just need to click the pic of your product and send the pic and detail of your products to the whatsapp group.

Website Promotion Through Whatsapp and Earn Money

If you have any website then you can promote through whatsapp and make money by adsense. Also you can promote the ecommerce website through whatsapp and increase income.

Paid Promotion from Whatsapp to Earn Money

If you have more collection of whatsapp numbers then you can earn money with this. For example you can charge the money for promoting the things of other person then send the massage to your group and charge for that.

Hope the above given ways to earn money online from home with whatsapp will help you. If you like this then please share it.


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