How to choose a hairstyle for your face shape

Haircuts for Face Shapes

Hair brings one’s self-image into focus. It is vanity’s proving ground”. One can change one’s looks completely by simply switching from a certain hairstyle to another. Hairstyle plays a vital role in makeovers and defines personality.

A crazy curly mane can give a wild, sexy look as opposed to straight hair, which can make you look sassy as well as classy. A short hairdo can enhance your features while long hair helps make those striking features more prominent.

Everybody has a different style and preference of hairstyles. No matter how much we want a certain hairdo, it is important to know what suits us the best in terms of texture, color, age and features.

You might absolutely love some hairstyle you saw on a model or film star, but how can you make sure it will suit the proportions of your face and personality? You should be familiar with your face in order to get the hairstyle that can bring out your personality.Here are some tips to help you get the haircut you desire.

Haircuts for Face Shapes

Round face

Those who have a round face shouldchoose a haircut that will accentuate their features and make the face look sharp. You may want to make your face look leaner and longer. To get that look, try to create less volume around the face.
A short or chin length haircut with fringes and tapered ends and side partition can help give your face the illusion of being narrower. Layers, a round style that reaches your chin and something that doesn’t cover your forehead will be best suited for round faced people.

Square face

A square face draws attention to the jaw. Try playing with curls and a choppy end haircut as you want to take the focus away from the angular jaw line. You can also experiment with short, spiky cuts or long straight, sleek hair with layers starting from chin and going way down. Avoid a one-length long cut.

Oval face

The biggest boon of having an oval shaped face is the fact that your forehead and chin are in proportion to each other. If you have an oval face structure, you can pull off any look. You can experiment with a short haircut or go with long tresses.

Heart-shaped face

A heart shaped face gives more exposure to the forehead, making the jaw look wide and the chin pointed. The haircut one must opt for here should cover the forehead and jaw lines enough to make them proportionate with the chin. Avoid very short, choppy layers, or blunt cuts.

An ideal haircut is below the chin level with layers way down to the chin.

Once you know your face shape, you can experiment with different haircuts. After all, hair is the most important ornament of a woman.

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