How To Attract Boys


Have you seen a cute guy at school but obviously, he doesn’t really know you exist? Then what are the steps to do? What should you try? Below you will find a compilation of useful advice when getting a guy to notice you.

Persona hygiene

This goes without saying but you should be paying some attention to this because you do not want to be known for something else that you are not. Therefore, ensure yours is well kept and that you shower regularly, wash hands, wash the clothes, iron them out and all that crazy jazz.

This will ensure you are not on his radar for some crazy thing but that you remain respectable and have chances of getting to know him. You might also want to keep some deodorant in store just for emergency cases, inside your school bag.

Start a small conversation one day in the hallway

Try to talk about what happened somewhere, like she said that she would be going to the fair with you. Just a short and fast sentence, say whatever you want to say but don’t make it stupid and pointless. Maybe talk about a football game that night.

How to profit from the surroundings

If you are waiting for lunch or you find yourself at the gym, start asking him questions about himself. You should have the conversations on a light tone and topic, and don’t start discussing deeper and unnecessary things. Just make sure you get to talk to him each day and then things will develop themselves.

Give him a chase opportunity

Do not be that obvious with your feelings for him and let him lead the way. Many guys prefer the sentiment of the chance, then why not allow him to have this feelings?

Lend things to him

Make sure you bring the necessary stuff with you for school because heĀ  might have forgotten something to bring. For instance, if he forgot his pencil or ruler for a course, you should be the one lending it to him. That way, you are sure he will come back to you with the thing and that will be another occasion for you to hang out with him.


During school, you can surely be making a lot of flirts. If you are up for the lunch line, then you should probably ask him what is his opinion about a certain food and then compliment something about that food. You should be doing this a couple of times, just to make sure he gets the hint!

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