Homemade Shampoos

Homemade Shampoos

If you were walking down the personal care section of the supermarket you would be enthralled with the number of shampoos that are lined up on this section. The only flip side to these shampoos is that there are a lot of chemicals that go into the making of these products.

You can make some shampoos at home and these can be used everyday, as they do not have any harmful chemicals in them. Chamomile can make a very good shampoo. You need around one and half cup of boiled water. Put four tea bags of chamomile tea in the water. If you do not have tea bags then you can infuse the water with fresh chamomile flowers.

Let the bags or flowers infuse in water for about 10 minutes and then strain the liquid. Add around four tablespoon of pure soap flakes. Let the flakes stand in water till they soften and add around one and half tablespoon of glycerin in it and blend it well. Pour it in a bottle and use this to wash your hair.

The soapwart shampoo is suitable for all hair types and contains saponins that are almost similar to soap in consistency. For this shampoo you need to boil some water and add one and half tablespoon of dried soapwart root that is chopped. Then remove the water from heat and let the herb to infuse then allow the mixture to cool. Add around two teaspoons of lemon verbena that will promote the growth of hair. Then strain the mixture. Pour this in small bottles. You have to remember that this mixture has to be used within eight to ten days.

If you do not have time to wash your hair, then this might help you to save the day. Take around ½ cup of cornstarch and sprinkle it on the hair; this will help to absorb the excessive oil form the hair. Then brush it out, this will instantly allow the hair to be oil free instantly.

You can also make a natural shampoo at home; this is entirely made from herbs. This shampoo needs four ounce of castile soap, half ounce each of rosemary, sage, nettles, lavender and 2000mg of MSM. These different herbs each have distinct qualities that help the hair. Rosemary helps in the stimulation of hair follicles; sage has anti oxidant properties and keeps the hair from spoiling further.

Nettles act as a blood purifier and stimulator that help in the hair growth. Lavender helps in controlling the sebaceous gland that reduces the flakiness in the scalp.

Mix in all the herbs in a jar that has a lid. Boil around two cups of distilled water and then add three tablespoon of the mixed herbs in the water. Let the herbs stay infused in water for about 30 to 40 minutes and put around 2000mg of MSM into the herb mixture and let it cool for thirty minutes. Then strain the mixture. Mix all the herbs and the shampoo is ready to be used.

Neem is known as a very good antioxidant and is known to kill all impurities. In this shampoo you need to take one kilogram of gram flour along with the same amount of shikakai powder. Mix them in a jar and add around 250 grams of sandalwood powder and around four to five cups of neem leaves that have been powdered. Whenever you want to use this shampoo, take around two tablespoon and soak it in a cup of water and apply after 10 minutes.

This gentle homemade shampoo can be used everyday as it is very mild on the hair. You need two pints of water, 10 ounce of olive oil, seven ounce of solid type vegetable shortening, one and half ounce of glycerin, half an ounce of alcohol, ten and one fourth ounce of lye, one and half ounce of castor oil and five ounce of coconut oil.

First of all mix all the oils in the container and then set it in a large pan. Then mix the lye solution along with two pints of water and stir in. after the solution cools pout the lye solution in a glass pan and put in a large container. Mix this in lye and oil solution; the mixture will turn opaque and brownish. The mixture has to get the consistency of sour cream.

Then stir in the glycerin, alcohol and castor oil. If you want you can add any scent to it. Now you can pour the mixture into mould and let them harden. Add these flakes in water and you can make a wonderful shampoo.


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