Home Remedies Of Redness On Face

Redness On Face

Whether your face flushes easily, is constantly red, or changes from day to day, facial redness can really make you crazy.  Redness on face can be caused for number of reasons. They are quite annoying especially when one has got ceremonies or other occasions to attend.

Facial skin is sensitive and if exposed to certain circumstances, it can develop redness. One common cause of redness on face is climatic changes.

Humid climate results in a lot of perspiration leading to rashes or itching which can cause redness. If the facial skin is sensitive then the application of certain soaps and creams may also cause redness.

Redness can also be caused by allergies, pimples and acne. Whatever may be the cause, there are various skin remedies for redness and depending on the type of skin one has to deal redness accordingly.

There are both home remedies to deal with redness on face as well as medicated products. This article will elaborate and talk about both forms of skin remedies to handle redness on face.

Causes and remedies of redness on face

Redness on the facial skin caused by acne requires a regular regimen of washing the face with a mild soap at least few times a day. Tea tree oil is a popular product that is a great cure for skin blemishes. It is a natural astringent and works wonderfully with aloe vera. The mixture can be applied for overnight use.

Rosacea is a skin disease which also causes redness on face. It is present in the form of red lumps and is often confused with pimples. As such there is no prescribed cure for redness caused by Rosacea yet while doctors generally prescribe oral antibiotics.

Redness on face caused by allergies is most often the result of the use of certain facial products such as soaps, creams and lotions. It can be dealt with by identifying and getting rid of the product that is causing allergy.

Apart from these, prolonged exposure to the sun, drinking too much warm liquids or even eating oily and spicy foods can cause red patches on the facial skin.

Before treating redness on skin, it is advisable to visit a dermatologist in order to correctly identify the cause of the redness so that it can be addressed in the correct way. Wrong remedial measures may aggravate the facial skin further.

Home remedies for curing redness on skin

Although there’s been no scientific research validating cucumber’s effect on facial redness, it has been documented as a natural home remedy for hundreds of years. Early records date back to 1649, when botanist and physician Nicholas Culpeper wrote of its benefits in clearing red from the face. Many people still swear by it. For best results, grate a cucumber or put it through a food processor to use as a face mask. For added cooling, use a cucumber straight from the fridge.

Using  is a very good way to deal with redness on face. Aloe vera juice works wonders for skin problems of many kinds including redness on face. Rubbing the aloe vera juice or aloe vera gel on the face and leaving it for sometime before washing it off, produces results in a short time.

Applying vitamin E oil and castor oil is also an important home remedy to deal with redness on face. However to determine the exact amount of vitamin E oil to be applied one can consult a dermatologist.

As mentioned above, tee tree oil is a great skin remedy for redness or blemishes on the facial skin.

Rubbing the inside of a watermelon, or watermelon juice with enough pulp in it on the affected areas also relieves the skin and helps diminish the redness on skin.

A paste made of oatmeal powder and water is also great for treating redness on skin.

Other home remedies include a papaya puree, banana, mayonnaise and vegetable oil. These are best for the T-zones and the nose since these parts of the facial skin are oilier than the rest of the face.

If one is affected by redness on face quite frequently, applying a cold compress on the affected areas of the face twice a day helps take care of puffiness and redness.

Last but not the least; it has to be remembered that different skin types react differently to the weather and even to our food habits. Hence if one is prone to redness on face, a common skin remedy is avoiding oily food stuff and drinking lots of water. Drinking water flushes out our system and makes it clean and the freshness will soon be observable on facial skin too.

Professional remedies for redness on face

Among professional remedies for treating redness on face there are surgical methods such as laser treatment. Salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide and Alpha hydroxy acids are also useful in curing redness on face.

It must be remembered that using granular exfoliating products or spa treatments which includemicrodermabrasion waxing and facials only serve to further aggravation of the redness on skin due to their abrasive quality and hence these methods should be strictly avoided if one has to cure redness on face.

It is also important to remember that surgical treatments including laser and other chemical based treatments for curing redness on face can bring about adverse results since different skin types react in different ways to the lasers and chemicals. Hence consulting a dermatologist is essential before opting for these medicated, surgical or professional procedures to cure skin problems including redness on face.

If one is prone to redness on face then one can also opt for certain measures to boost the immune system of the facial skin. This can be done by using tropical moisturizing ingredients such as ceramide, cholesterol, glycerin or stearic acid.

These chemicals help to bolster the defense mechanism of facial skin and therefore prevent the recurrence of redness on face. Fatty acids which contain omega-3 can also be consumed. Apart from these, using anti-inflammatory products such as Niacinamide, Licochalone, Feverfew, Sulfer, Sulfacetamide or Salicylic Acid (as mentioned above) also help to relieve the redness on face and prevent further redness from appearing.

In conclusion, it must once again be reiterated that since redness on face can be caused by numerous agents, it is always advisable to visit and consult a dermatologist before one opts for any skin remedies, especially when going for chemical or medicated skin products If the above mentioned factors are kept in mind, then redness on face can be dealt with efficiency and one can expect the best possible outcome.