Home Remedies For Zits

Home Remedies For Zits

Zits are commonly found on the face of an individual. However, zits can appear on any part of the body. One of the main causes of zits is hormonal change. Common symptoms of zits include skin inflammation, skin irritation and pain.
An individual can use different types of cosmetic products to treat the problem of zits. However, zits can also be cured with the use of various inexpensive and easy to use home remedies.

Effective Home Remedies For Zits

Apply Toothpaste

Toothpaste can be used as a home remedy for zits. An individual can directly apply toothpaste on the affected area before going to sleep at night and wash his/her face in the morning with lukewarm water to obtain relief from the problem of zits.

Honey And Cinnamon Powder

A mix of honey (3 tablespoons) and cinnamon powder can be directly applied on the affected area for a period of 2 to 3 weeks to cure zits. This paste should be applied before going to bed at night and removed in the morning with cold water to obtain effective results.

Apply Witch Hazel

Application of witch hazel with the use of a cotton ball on the affected area can also help in the treatment of zits. Regular use of this remedy can reduce the inflammation resulting from zits.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Direct application of apple cider vinegar on the affected area can also provide relief from the problem of zits. It is important to remove apple cider vinegar after 25 to 30 minutes to obtain best results.

Use Neem Oil/Powder

Neem oil can be applied on the affected area with a cotton swab to treat zits. An individual can also create a paste by mixing neem powder with water or witch hazel and apply this paste to obtain the desired results.

Apply Lemon Juice

A mixture of lemon juice and honey can also be used for treating zits. Daily application of this mixture on the affected part can help in reducing the redness and swelling resulting from zits.

Rub Potato

A small slice of raw potato can also be rubbed on the affected area to cure zits. It is interesting to note that regular use of this remedy can also help in removing pimple or acne scars.

Apply Tomato Juice

A face mask can be prepared with the use of fresh tomato juice and applied on the face to remove zits. To obtain effective results, this face mask should be kept applied for a period of 45 to 60 minutes.

Apply Basil Tea

Application of basil tea on the affected area can also help in curing zits. Basil tea should be applied only after it has cooled down.

Use Turmeric Powder

Turmeric powder can be mixed with coriander or mint juice (1 teaspoon) and applied on the affected area to treat the problem of zits.

Use Orange Peel

An individual can apply a paste created by mixing crushed orange peels and water to obtain relief from zits. Removal of this paste after 30 to 45 minutes can help an individual in obtaining a clear skin.