Home Remedies For Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain

An individual may experience shoulder pain on a frequent basis as a result of work pressure and tension. Further, shoulder pain can also be caused by bursitis, fracture, arthritis (in the shoulder), frozen shoulder and so on.Common symptoms of shoulder pain include swelling, stiffness and pain. It is important to note that continuous shoulder pain can also result in neck pain. Therefore, it is important to obtain timely treatment for shoulder pain. Home remedies can also be used for curing shoulder pain.

9 Effective Home Remedies for Shoulder Pain

Apply Ice

You can apply ice on the affected area to reduce the pain and swelling resulting from shoulder pain. Ice should be applied on the affected shoulder for 15 minutes to obtain effective results. You can also take a cold water shower for obtaining the desired results.

Mint Leaves

Regular application of fresh crushed mint leaves on the affected area can help in reducing shoulder pain. Application of mint leaves can also provide a cooling effect and reduce the burning sensation resulting from shoulder pain.

Use Lemon and Honey

Regular consumption of a mixture of lemon and honey can reduce shoulder pain. You can prepare a mixture by adding lemon juice and honey in warm water. It is advisable to consume this mixture after each meal to obtain effective results.

Consume Black Sesame Seeds

You can also consume black sesame seeds to obtain relief from the shoulder pain. This remedy can be used by soaking sesame seeds in a glass of the water for a period of 10 – 12 hours. Soaked sesame seeds can be consumed with water to reduce shoulder pain.


You can massage the affected shoulder with garlic oil to reduce the pain. Garlic cloves can also be boiled in coconut oil. This mixture can be applied regularly on the affected shoulder to reduce the pain. You can also use olive oil in place of coconut oil while preparing the mixture.

Apply Heat Pack

A towel soaked in warm water can be kept on the affected shoulder to reduce the swelling and pain. It is interesting to note that taking a bath with warm water can also cure shoulder pain.

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt can also help in treating the problem of shoulder pain. Applying a towel soaked in water containing epsom salt on the affected shoulder can reduce the pain. You can also take a bath with the water containing epsom salt to deal with shoulder pain.

Turmeric Powder

Application of turmeric on the affected area can also provide relief from the shoulder pain. You can apply turmeric with olive oil on the affected shoulder to obtain effective results. Turmeric powder can also be consumed with milk to reduce the shoulder pain.

Use Herbal Oil

You can massage the affected shoulder with lavender or olive oil to obtain relief from the pain. Thyme or sage oil can also provide the desired results. Bathing with water containing a few drops of (any) herbal oil can also help in reducing the shoulder pain.