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Restless Leg Syndrome

restless leg syndrome, is actually a condition of the nerves that gives rise to uncontrollable urges to move your legs.

These urges are so strong that they literally force the sufferer to get their legs moving. Besides being rather embarrassing, the condition of restless leg syndrome is also highly inconvenient as these urges normally come, when the sufferer is about to get to bed or has just sat down in order to relax.

What accompanies these compelling urges is normally a whole lot of pain, which can be spasmodic or throbbing in its nature. In some cases, these urges keep a person awake the entire night, as the patient cannot get sleep due to the pain and discomfort caused by this particular problem.

The result of this lack of sleep is fatigueand irritability even during the day. People’s normal work routines are also made to suffer due to this. Apart from commonly used conventional medical treatment that involves strong tablets, there are many useful remedies that can be used in the treatment of restless leg syndrome. These natural remedies help to alleviate the pain and severe urges that are part of this ailment.

Citrus fruit juices

Studies show that those who stick to fresh fruit juices are less likely to suffer from bouts of restless leg syndrome urges than those who don’t. Caffeine has been closely linked to involuntary urges associated with this health concern. Doctors advise that those who suffer from this condition should stay away from caffeinated drinks and opt for fresh citrus fruit juices or even sodas instead.


One of the primary causes of restless syndrome is lack of iron in one’s diet. This gives rise to the additional condition of anaemia. To solve this problem, you are advised to include a lot of iron-rich foods in your diet. Commonly available sources of iron are green leafy vegetables such as spinach and fenugreek, meat products, eggs, pomegranates and pulses.

Increasing the intake of iron gives you increased stamina and boosts your immunity as well. Iron is needed by the human body in order to manufacture new healthy cells. In cases which are severe, iron supplements can also be taken under the guidance of your general physician.

These supplements are to be taken on a daily basis and help to boost up the haemoglobin level in the blood. This helps to curb the sudden urges of restless leg syndrome as well.

Folic acid

Deficiencies of folic acid have also proved to be responsible for acute cases of respiratory leg syndrome. It has been discovered that folic acid plays a key role in combatting symptoms of this ailment. Make sure to include enough folic acid in your diet, so as to get prompt relief. Folic acid is available in natural food sources such as pulses, legumes, green leafy vegetables and broccoli.

The reason for its great value in the treatment of this sickness is also due to the fact that folic acid is vitamin in averting anaemia. Folic acid must however be taken in conjunction with iron rich foods or iron supplements, in order for it to be beneficial to the body.


This essential mineral is one that gives much needed relief to those who have been suffering from restless leg syndrome. Magnesium is one of the most vital nutrients required by the human body and it is absolutely essential to include this mineral in your diet. Magnesium is readily available from various natural sources such as beans, spinach and seeds.

Magnesium has proved to be very beneficial in giving relief to those suffering from this condition, as it gives them better rest at night and also significantly reduces the terrible urges that are experienced by the patients. People who have been regularly consuming adequate amounts of magnesium each day have found a remarkable improvement in their condition.


This plant has been widely used for medicinal purposes, since the early days. Its effects on cases of restless leg syndrome are rather good, which is why this plant has been recommended by many experts of natural medicine. Valerian is available in its dried form and can be consumed as a tea or as supplements.

A steady consumption of the extract of this plant has brought much relief for many people who have been suffering from the condition of restless leg syndrome.

atients have found that they even get better sleep at night after taking these supplements regularly. Be sure to check with an experienced physician as to how much valerian you should be consuming as excessive intake may cause headaches or giddiness.

Passion Flower

This plant is also of great value, in curing cases of restless leg syndrome. Passion flower can be used as a tea after boiling this in water and brewing it for about five to ten minutes. A regular consumption of this tea will give you good respite from the pain and sleeplessness associated with restless leg syndrome.

Also available in the form of herbal supplements that are meant to be taken orally, passion flower has helped to significantly reduce the symptoms of this condition, irrespective of the form it is consumed in.


Exercise is absolutely vital for the treatment of restless leg syndrome. You must make sure to include exercises that involve your legs. Leg movements decrease your chances of getting spasmodic urges, by a great extent. These exercises can be anything even as simple as walking or jogging.

Besides these, you can also do stretching and cycling so as to strengthen your leg muscles. Many neurological experts advise setting up a rigorous exercise regime that enables you to put your legs to work. One must also revamp our normal routine so as to accommodate more leg work.

Choose tasks that make you walk all over the house or use the steps instead of the elevator, whenever possible. Avoid taking the car out for minor shopping trips; instead walk to the grocery stores as often as you can. Legs that are well exercised are far less prone to suffering urges associated with restless leg syndrome.


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