Effective Home Remedies For Pinworms


Many parents may have never heard of pinworms. By understanding about these parasites, you may finally have a clue on what had happened to your children. Pinworms are intestinal parasites, these worms have thin shape and white in color.  Pinworms are a common infection seen in school going children. Parasites invade the body of the child leading to the infection. The infection needs to be treated immediately otherwise it can cause irreparable damage to the child’s internal organs. Pinworms also pass from one person to another very fast so they need to be treated immediately to arrest their spread. Besides, the infection causes lot of discomfort to children since it results in severe itching in and around the anus. Observe your child to check for the symptoms of pinworms. The worms will be visible to the naked eye.

Effective Home Remedies For Pinworms

Grapefruit seed

Grapfruit Seed extract is another effective way to treat pinworms. This product is available in major drugstores and it may come in pill or liquid form. The pills are usually taken three times a day and if you use the liquid form, you may need to mix 10 drops with a glass of water, three times a day.


Wash the private parts of your child using vinegar solution. Mix one cup of vinegar with three cups of water and wash the child well using anti-bacterial soap and vinegar treated water.This treatment should be done each time your child visits the loo. Vinegar is strongly acidic in nature and thus effectively kills the parasites that cause the infection. However, it should never be used undiluted for cleaning the skin or it can cause burns.


Garlic is strongly antibacterial and antifungal in nature, which is one reason it is widely used in the treatment of infections. Take 3-4 garlic cloves and peel them. Crush the cloves lightly and apply them on the private parts of your child including on the vagina in case of little girls. Leave on for a couple of hours and then clean the area using warm water.

Repeat the garlic application after a couple of hours. The treatment should be done thrice a day to get rid of the parasites fast. Also, include plenty of garlic in your food. It can be difficult to make the children eat raw garlic so use garlic in your every day dishes. This will also help eliminate the parasites from the intestinal tract. You could try giving one clove of crushed garlic with one teaspoon of honey to your child.

Castor Oil And Coconut Oil

When used in combination, castor and coconut oils are considered as very effective treatment of pinworms. The oils work best when consumed. However, making your child drink castor-coconut oil combination can be difficult. Instead use coconut oil for cooking food.

Mix one teaspoon of warm castor oil with one teaspoon of warm coconut oil and apply this mixture in and around the private parts of the child. The application of the oils will bring relief from itching and also reduce the inflammation and redness caused by scratching the private parts.The treatment should be done thrice a day especially before putting the child to sleep. The oils will keep your child itch-free and help him/her sleep better at night.

Hot Water

Soak your child’s clothes as well as under clothes in very hot water for at least 30 minutes. Then wash the clothes as usual using a very strong liquid detergent. Your child’s clothes should be washed every day to arrest the spread of pinworms. Treat the clothes of the rest of the family members to the hot water soak as well.

Vaseline And Castor Oil

Vaseline has string chemicals that are very effective in arresting the growth of pinworms. Mix Vaseline with warm castor oil to dilute the strong chemicals present in Vaseline.Evenly apply the Vaseline-castor oil mix on the skin of your child’s private parts. Leave on for 30 minutes and then clean using warm water and anti-bacterial soap. Don’t forget to wash your hands with a strong soap after touching the infected parts. This mix should be applied at least three times a day to fasten the process of healing.


Many times the parasites tend to multiply within our body because our immune system is not very strong. Strengthen your child’s immune system by ensuring that the diet you give to your child meets his/her requiremnt. Growing children should be given plenty of vitamins, proteins and essential nutrients and minerals in their daily diet.

This keeps the body strong and helps it fight off the infection causing bacteria. Include plenty of fiber in your child’s daily diet so that the toxic material is passed easily and regularly from the body. Pinworms and their eggs that are living in the intestinal tract are removed quickly from the body if your child’s motions are regular. Do not indulge the child by giving him/her sugar-laced drinks and processed foods. The parasites thrive on such healthy foods and rapidly grow in number.

Pumpkin Seeds

The chemicals found in pumpkin seeds kill the infection causing parasites and are hence used in treating many such conditions. They are also very beneficial in eliminating pinworms and their eggs from our system. You can buy dry pumpkin seeds from any herbal store or health store.Crush a teaspoon of the seeds and give them to your child along with honey or warm water. A teaspoon of crushed pumpkin seeds should be given to your child after every five hours for a period of four days This will get rid of the parasites completely.