Home Remedies For Fleas

Home Remedies For Fleas

Fleas are the small microscopic organisms that survive on the blood of humans as well as animals. However, fleas commonly infest the animal bodies. They are majorly found on the bodies of your pets especially dogs and cats. They rapidly multiply in number and become the cause of various bacterial and viral infections in your pets.
Fleas can lead to anemia, allergies and rashes (due to excessive scratching) in the animals. It is important to arrest the growth of the fleas in the initial stage of the infestation otherwise it can be life threatening for your pet.While treating fleas it should be taken care that they are eliminated completely from the body of your pet, your house and from the garden. Also, treat your other pets and family members for fleas so that the problem does not recur.

In this article we will share with you some of the best ways to get rid of the fleas. You will have to be very regular with the use of these treatments to get rid of the fleas completely.

Home Remedies For Treating Fleas


This is perhaps the most common remedy for fleas. Make your pet eat a lot of garlic by including it in his/her wet food. You can even apply garlic paste on the body of your pet and leave it on for couple of hours. Wash off the garlic using medicated soap and warm water.

Use flea comb to comb the fur of your pet. This will help get rid of the dead fleas from your pet’s skin. Perform this garlic paste treatment every day until the fleas are completely gone. In the meantime, prepare pouches of raw (and peeled) garlic and place them in all the corners of the house. The pouches should be changed every day. Garlic has antifungal and antibacterial properties that effectively eliminate the micro-organisms responsible for various infections.

Dawn Dishwashing Liquid Soap

Dawn liquid soap is used for cleaning dishes in dishwasher. But the detergent has also gathered reputation for multi-tasking. This liquid soap has very strong chemicals that eliminate the bacteria and their causes. Hence, Dawn is used for treating fleas as well.Shampoo your pet with this liquid soap and thoroughly rinse his/her body with water. Any traces of the soap on the body will lead to skin irritation. Bathe your pet with Dawn dishwashing liquid soap every alternate day for three weeks. Use the soap for mopping the floors and cleaning the walls of your house.

Indian Lilac

Fleas can be easily and effectively treated using Indian lilac or neem. Wash 300 grams of neem leaves and add them to 750ml of boiling water. Boil the leaves for 20-30 minutes. Strain the liquid and discard the boiled neem leaves. Pour the treated water in a bathtub and add some warm water to it.Bathe your pet with this water. Indian lilac has antifungal properties that will kill the fleas as well as their eggs. This bath should be given to your pet every day for 10 days. Wash your clothes, draperies, bed sheets and even yourselves in neem water for getting rid of the fleas completely.

White Vinegar

The acetic acid present in white vinegar is a known enemy of fleas. Bathe your pet in white vinegar solution; add 6 cups of vinegar to two liter water and soak your pet in this solution for 20 minutes. You can even spray your pet with vinegar solution thrice a day. Do remember to comb your pet with flea comb to get rid of the dead bodies of the fleas.

The treatment should be done every day for three weeks. Wash the floor of your house, the walls as well as the furniture using strong solution of white vinegar and water. A word of caution; do not use white vinegar for treating fleas if your pet has fresh rashes on its body due to scratching (fleas result in intense itching). The vinegar will make the raw skin burn.

Lemon Water

Lemon is slightly acidic in nature, which could be the reason for its efficacy in getting rid of the fleas. The acid present in lemon helps kill the fleas and their eggs. Squeeze 3-4 fresh lemons in your pet’s bath water. You can also mix lemon juice with your pet’s shampoo to treat the fleas.Give bath to your pet every day using lemon water. You can also spray lemon water over your pet three times a day to prevent the infestation of fleas. Clean the floor as well as the furniture of your house using lemon juice water.

Diatomaceous Earth

This type of earth is prepared using the fossils of sea creatures. The earth is mainly used for filtering water in swimming pools. However, diatomaceous earth is also known for helping in pest control.To treat fleas use only the unrefined version of the earth. Sprinkle the earth in your garden as well as in your backyard to prevent infestation of the fleas. Pour the earth in between the cracks in the walls and the floors to avoid the fleas from entering your home.

Crystal Salt

Crystal salt is also a known deterrent for fleas. Pour warm water over your pet and rub crystal salt on its body. The fleas react negatively to the bitter taste of crystal salt and cannot exist in such harsh environment. Leave the salt on the body for 20 minutes regularly rubbing the body with the salt. Wash off the salt and then comb the pet’s coat using flea comb.

The dead flea will fall off the body. If bathing your pet with crystal salt isn’t possible every day then spray crystal salt solution over your pet’s body twice a day. Sprinkle crystal salt on the floor of your house, on the furniture as well as on the carpet. Wash your clothes, bed sheets, as well as the walls of your house with crystal salt water. Mix crystal salt with water and mop the floor of the entire house with this water. This will help get rid of the fleas. The crystal salt treatment should be done every day for a couple of weeks to avoid re-attack of fleas.