6 Home Remedies For Eye Puffiness

Eye Puffiness

Puffiness of the eyes is a common pattern when you wake up each morning. Nobody, especially women, like to roam around with swollen eyes as they can look quite unsightly and take away the charm from your face.Puffiness of the eyes is mainly a result of water retention.
However, people who have problem of high blood pressure also have puffy eyes. While it is important to get treated for the underlying causes of puffiness, it is also important to treat puffiness.

There are some effective home remedies that can fix the problem of puffy eyes within a few minutes of their use.

Easy Home Remedies For Puffy Eyes


One of the best and most effective ways of treating puffy eyes is by splashing cold water over your eyes every couple of hours. Cold water will help reduce the swelling in eyes. Splash your eyes with cold water from the fridge when you first get up in the morning.

Also, drinking 8-10 glasses of water through the day is important. Puffy eyes are mainly caused due to water retention. Our body retains water when it feels it’s going in dehydration mode. The more you drink water, the less will be water retention. Do not substitute water with any other drink. Drinking fresh fruit juices along with water will also help deal with swollen eyes.

Almond Oil

Almond oil is known to have plenty of beneficial effects on the eyes. The oil is a rich source of vitamin E and regular use of the oil over the eyes results in longer and thicker eye lashes. Almond oil is also the best home remedy for dark circles around the eyes. The oil effectively deals with puffiness of the eyes as well. Take a teaspoon and heat it over the gas flame for a minute. Add 8 drops of almond oil to the heated teaspoon and wait for the oil to become warm.

Now use your clean index finger to gently massage the oil on and around the eyes. Don’t rub in the oil vigorously or you will damage the delicate nerves of the eyes. Leave on the oil if you aren’t going anywhere otherwise remove it using damp cotton balls. This treatment works best when done at night. You can sleep with almond oil over your eyes. In the morning wash the oil using warm water. Massage almond oil on your eyes every night. You will never have to deal with the problem of puffy eyes.

Alum Powder

Alum powder or ‘phitkari’ is often used in many eye care products. The chemicals present in alum have soothing effect on the eyes and considerably reduce the puffiness giving you bright and clear eyes. Buy alum from any grocery store and grind it to fine powder form.

Take half teaspoon of alum powder and mix it with very little amount of cold water. Apply the resulting paste over and under your eyes. Leave on for 20 minutes. Take care that the paste does not enter your eyes. Clean your eyes using damp cotton cloth. The treatment should be done twice a day regularly for 10 days.

Rose Water

Rose water is very soothing on the eyes and helps reduce the swelling around the eyes. In fact, many spas and salons make use of rose water for treating tired eyes. You can buy rose water from any drug store or even prepare your own at home. To make rose water at home add 10-12 rose petals to 300ml of boiling water. boil the rose petals in open pan and when the water reduces to half its original quantity, remove the pan from flame.

Let the water cool and then strain it. Store the rose water in air tight container after throwing away the boiled rose petals. Refrigerate the rose water for best results. Dip two cotton balls in rose water and gently squeeze them. Leave the cotton balls over your closed eyes for 15 minutes. Throw away the cotton balls. You will immediately see a difference. Not only will your eyes look brighter but the puffiness would have gone down considerably. Do the treatment twice a day especially before going to bed at night. You will no longer wake up with puffy eyes in the morning.


This is perhaps the most common method of treating tired eyes. Applying thin cucumber slices is known to immediately brighten tired eyes making them more alert. However, cucumber is also an effective remedy for treating puffiness of the eyes especially that is caused by water retention.

Take a medium sliced cucumber and peel it. Cut the cucumber into thin slices and put them in the fridge. Once the slices are cool place a cucumber slice on either eye. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and let your whole body relax. Throw away the slices and splash cold water on your eyes. You will see that the puffiness would have gone down. Cucumber will also take care of dark circles if any.

Hot And Cold Compress

Alternating between application of hot and cold compress will help treat the puffiness of the eyes if it is caused by some sort of inflammation of the nerves. Prepare hot and cold compress. If you do not have the compresses then prepare your own.

Heat 250ml of drinking water and pack a zip lock bag with ice cubes. First apply the cold compress on your eyes for two minutes. Then take a clean cotton cloth and dip it in the hot water. Squeeze and spread the cloth over your eyes for a minute. Repeat the procedure at least ten times during one sitting. The treatment should be done twice a day to effectively deal with puffy eyes.

You can use any of the above given home remedies for treating puffy eyes, however, it is also important that you maintain a regular food diary to check if there certain types of foods that cause swelling in the eyes. Our body reacts negatively to certain types of foods and this reaction can occur in the form of puffy eyes. Puffy eyes are also a result of eating too much sugar and salt in the diet. Avoid the foods once you have identified them.