Home Remedies For Constipation In Children

Constipation In Children

Constipated children can be very cranky because of the pain and discomfort. Constipation in children is mainly because of lack of essential nutrients their diet. Constipation can also be caused due to low intake of fiber. Many times children don’t pay much attention to drinking water.

This causes constipation. Drinking more than three glasses of cow’s milk daily can lead to constipation.There are some easy and effective home remedies for treating constipation in children. You will have to be very regular with these treatments in order to ease constipation and facilitate easy and smooth motions.

Home Remedies For Treating Constipation In Children

Drink Water 

Water is very essential to maintain the health of the body. Water helps the body perform its day to day function. When we drink enough water our body is able to digest food properly.

Water also facilitates easier removal of waste from the intestines. The first step to treating constipation in children is to give them plenty of water to drink. Give them 100ml of water every 45 minutes. This will relieve constipation and help in painless removal of waste from the body.

Give Just Enough Milk

Only 350ml of cow’s milk should be given to children every day. Cow’s milk is known to cause constipation. Soya milk is a good option in place of cow’s milk. It does not lead to constipation and is as nutritious as cow’s milk. Also, do not give too much of processed milk products like cheese to children. Consuming too many processed cheese slices is also a common cause of constipation in children.

Avoid Packaged And Processed Foods

Infants and toddlers who are given powdered milk, processd cereals and ready-to-eat meals suffer from constipation frequently. The reason is that the commercially available foods are high in preservatives and very low in essential nutrients and minerals including fiber.

These foods satiate your child’s hunger but do not contribute in any way towards the normal functioning of the body. In fact the high amount of chemicals present in them disrupts the normal bodily functions. If your child often complains of constipation then check his/her diet. Could it be that a certain formula or food is not suiting your child’s body leading to constipation?

Give Nutritious Diet

Children who eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables are less likely to suffer from constipation than children who eat a less nutritious diet. Give your child more of vitamins and proteins to ease their motions. Make them eat green leafy vegetables and foods that are rich in fiber.

Fiber adds bulk to the digested food making it easier for the waste products to travel through the intestinal tracts and out of the body. Make the child eat fruits like papaya, guava and pears for better digestion. You should also give your child plenty of fresh fruit juices. Do not give the commercially available packaged juices as these may further aggravate the problem of constipation.

There are certain fruits like bale that are natural laxatives and are a good way of treating constipation in children. If your child tends to suffer from constipation frequently then be sure to include this fruit as part of your child’s daily diet.

Grapes are also commonly used for relieving constipation. The enzymes present in the grape juice contract the muscles of the bowel and aid in removal of waste from the body.

Flax seeds are rich in fiber and are used mainly by people who are looking at losing weight fast. Powder and keep flax seeds in an air-tight container. Sprinkle flax seed powder over salads, soups and breakfast cereals to prevent constipation in children. You can add the seeds to your baking batter. To treat constipation in children, use whole flax seed grains. Give your child one teaspoon of flax seeds to chew on after every couple of hours.

Flax seeds have a nutty taste so your child will not make a fuss to eat them. However, you can give the seeds with a glass of fresh fruit juice if your child is being fussy. This is an excellent remedy for treating the most serious kind of constipation where your child may even bleed from the rectum while passing stool. Flax seeds will provide bulk to the toxic waste making it easier to move within the intestinal tract and into the rectum.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is also a good option for laxative. It provides relief from the pain felt due to constipation. To relieve constipation in babies, dip a betal leaf in castor oil and insert it gently into the rectum of babies.

Oiled passage will make it easier for the waste to travel out from the body. For children older than two, prepare a glass of warm milk and add one teaspoon of castor oil in it. Give this to your child at night after dinner.

Corn Syrup

Corn syrup is considered to be a good and efficient laxative. Mix one teaspoon corn syrup with one teaspoon plain water and give this to your child at night before sleeping.


Raisins are also a good way of treating constipation in children. Soak 6-7 pieces of raisins overnight and give these to your child first thing in the morning. You can also make your child drink the water in which the raisins were soaked. This will help in easier bowel movements.


Prepare glycerin suppository by dipping a clean and unused tampon in glycerin. The tampon should be well soaked with glycerin. Very gently insert this treated tampon in the rectum of your child. Try and engage your child so that he/she does not feel the discomfort. Glycerin will lubricate the passage and the suppository will open the closed muscles and make them relax making it easier to pass out the waste product from the body.


Add one teaspoon honey to 250ml of warm soy milk and give this to you child first thing in the morning.

Olive oil

Olive oil is also effective in treating constipation in young children. Mix 10ml of olive oil with 40ml of orange juice to provide relief from constipation to your child.