15 Effective Home Remedies and Yoga Exercise for Asthma Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment and Prevention Tips


Successful treatment of asthma. What is asthma? How can you treat asthma? What are the natural home remedies for asthma? In this article we are listing 15 effective home remedies and yoga exercise for asthma- symptoms, causes, and treatment and prevention tips. Asthma is the very common problem. This occur due to allergic or pollution. Causes of asthma are breathing difficulties and nausea. Although people take homeopathic medicines to get rid of this problem, but some domestic remedies can also be relieved from this problem. Today, we will tell you some home remedies of asthma, which can help you, get rid of this problem.

Asthma is such a disease that the person suffering from depression is often distressed, it is a very fatal disease, very few people know that even today, more than 300 million people are victims of asthma all over the world. Even today the number of such families is very high, in which at least one member suffers from this disease in his house.

Common symptoms of asthma

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about the symptoms of asthma is that it is difficult to breathe. The disease of asthma starts either suddenly or starts with allergic symptoms like cough, sneezing or cold Difficulty breathing

  • Feels like tightness in the chest
  • When a person with asthma breathes, then there is a wheezing sound
  • Taking breath faster, it starts sweating
  • Feeling uneasy
  • Head looks like heavy
  • Feeling tired due to tough breathing
  • If the situation worsens, it can also vomit etc.

Fenugreek seeds for Asthma


Asthma is one of the best home remedies for asthma. Boil fenugreek with water and mix it with honey and ginger juice and drink it daily. This will give you relief from the problem of asthma. Include these 10 healthy habits in life, will always stay away from asthma attack.

Amla Powder for asthma

Amla is another natural home remedy to treat asthma. You should consume the amla  in your regular diets. It helps you to relieving the inflammation congestion and a blocked nose. Mix 1 tsp honey in 2 tsp amla powder and take it empty stomach in the morning. Its daily consumption can treat the asthma.

Spinach and Carrots for asthma

Spinach and carrots helps clear the congestion in your lungs and is a sure shot remedy that provides quick relief from asthma symptoms. Mixing of spinach and carrot juice together and consume it daily can be treated the problem of asthma.

Peepal leaves for asthma

Peepal leaves Its anti-inflammatory properties prove beneficial in the treatment of asthma. Take the dry peepal leaves. After this add honey to it. Intake this mixture thrice in a day, the problem of asthma will be overcome within a few moments.

Black Cardamom for asthma

Black Cardamom for asthma

Black cardamom is another natural home remedies to treat the many health problems and beneficial treatment of asthma. Grate large cardamom, dates and grapefruit in the same amount and eat it with honey. Its intake also removes old cough with asthma.

Soothes for asthma

Soothes has been used as a natural remedy to manage asthma problems. Grate the stems, rock salt, cumin seeds, roasted asafetida and basil leaves and simmer in 100 ml water. Drinking it will remove the problem of asthma.

Bay Leaf for asthma

Bay Leaf for asthma

Bay Leaf is excellent to get rid of asthma. Grind 2 grams of bay leaf and Peepal leaves and eat it with marmalade syrup. By eating it daily, asthma will disappear in a short time.

Dry fig for asthma

Dry Fig also help in curing the different symptoms associated with asthma. Soak 4 grams of dry figs in water. Pouring the empty stomach in the morning after eating it, the constipation will also be removed with asthma.

Yoga Exercise for Asthma

Yoga Exercise for Asthma

Asthma can be controlled by yoga too. There are also certain yogic verbs in yoga which can control this disease to a great extent; research on yoga shows that if you regularly practice for only 15 to 20 minutes. Asthma effect can be reduced gradually and it can also reach the verge of ending. Yoga exercises that are breath-taking are such that you can benefit by taking the support. In this way, these yogic actions make a very good difference in the functioning of your lungs and you do not need medicines. So let us know about these yoga aasan.

Shelter for asthma

Shavasan is very simple yoga, it can be done by every age group. By doing this, the person’s mind and body becomes tension free. And if you remain relaxed, then your body will work better than before and it will remain tight.

Pranayama for asthma

Pranayama is an accurate medicinal function for asthma, it provide the highest benefit in asthma. With this help, your lungs start getting right soon. If you do this yoga then your blood pressure is low and your heart rate is also low, your mind is calm.

Circumcision for asthma

By doing this, your mind becomes calm, and there is also a process of swim-respiration that benefits your lungs. By doing this, your hands and feet muscles are also well-exercised and your heart rate decreases.

Matritasana for asthma

In it, you have to shape your body in the same way as a fish; it is quite easy and too much beneficial in asthma. The biggest benefit of this posture is that, the strain on the patient’s neck becomes due to which the patient’s thyroid gland and respiratory tract are free and there is no difficulty in breathing.

Bhujanga Asana for asthma

The Bhujang posture is very easy, due to this the patient’s chest spreads, which has a good effect on the lungs and also the blood circulation of the patient becomes correct, due to which the patient becomes free from disease.

Bridge Pose for asthma

If yoga is done by the patient, then it has a very good effect on the lungs and chest of the patient, this causes the patient’s lungs to open and the sew is widened, due to which the patient gets very much benefits in asthma.

Ardhamatsyasrandasan for asthma

On doing this regularly, they have a good effect on the back, legs, neck, hands, waist, lower part of the navel and good strain of chest plexus. This causes the oxygen to open in the lungs, so it must be done to the patients of asthma.

Privation Tips for Asthma

Normally, the disease of asthma causes a terrible disease due to cold in the winter season. Therefore, at this time, with the help of these home remedies, asthma can be treated easily as well as some things can be prevented from growing asthmatics carefully.

  • Always keep the house clean so that there is no possibility of dust allergic
  • Keep yourself calm by exercising and meditation
  • Do not breathe in the mouth because breathing through the mouth goes in the cold, which helps in increasing the disease.

In this post we are listing 15 effective home remedies and yoga exercise for asthma- symptoms, causes, and treatment and prevention tips. Please share this post to your friends so that they can apply these and get rid of their asthma problem.

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