Herbal Remedies For Anemia


Anemia is a common blood disorder. Low hemoglobin or decrease in the number of red blood cells is considered as the main cause of anemia. Other causes of anemia include intake of alcohol, blood loss, iron deficiency and so on.

Microcytic, normocytic and macrocytic anemia are three different categories of anemia. Common symptoms of anemia include weakness, headache and dizziness. Use of different herbal remedies can help in the treatment of anemia.

Herbal Remedies For Anemia



Alfalfa can be used as an herbal remedy for anemia. Consumption of sandwich containing alfalfa seeds can help in treating the problem of anemia.Alfalfa can also be cooked as a vegetable. You can also prepare tea by boiling alfalfa in a glass of water and consume this tea on a regular basis to treat anemia.

Yellow Dock

Another herbal remedy for anemia is yellow dock. Consumption of yellow dock can help in the treatment of anemia. Yellow dock tea has been recognized as one of the best remedies for treating blood disorders including anemia. It is important to note that excessive consumption of yellow dock may result in diarrhea.

Barley Grass

You can use barley grass as another herb for obtaining relief from the problem of anemia. Barley grass is rich in iron and vitamin B12 and therefore its consumption may help in increasing the hemoglobin level.It is interesting to note that barley grass has been recognized as the most nutritious of all plant foods. Further, intake of barley grass may also help in preventing the problem of anemia.


You can consume ginger on a daily basis to treat anemia. A mixture of ginger and old jaggery can be consumed every morning to obtain relief from the problem of anemia. A combination of ginger and lemon juice can also help in curing the weakness resulting from anemia.


Another excellent herbal remedy for anemia is beetroot. Beetroot can help in regenerating and reactivating the red blood cells.You can consume beetroot juice on a regular basis to deal with the problem of anemia. Beetroot juice mixed with apple juice and honey can also be consumed to obtain the desired results.

Parsley Leaves

You can keep some parlsey leaves in hot water and drink this mixture multiple times on a daily basis to cure anemia. Sugar can be added to this mixture to enhance the taste.


One of the most effective herbal remedies for anemia is fenugreek. Consumption of fenugreek seeds or leaves can help in reducing the problem of anemia.

Stinging Nettle

Stinging nettle (also known as Urtica dioica in Latin) may be used as an herbal remedy for treating anemia. Stinging nettle is rich in iron. You can drink tea prepared with the use of this herb to deal with anemia. Stinging nettle is considered as one of the cheapest herbal remedies for anemia.


The problem of anemia can also be treated with the use of ginseng herb.Ginseng tea can be prepared and consumed on a frequent basis to obtain relief from anemia.