Hairstyles For Long Faces Shapes

Hairstyles For Long Faces Shapes

Hairstyles For Long Faces Shapes. Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler, Hilary Swank, Kelly Reilly for instance, have oblong faces and always look gorgeous. If you know what kind of hairstyles to choose to flatter your physical parameters, you may make your long face appear perfectly oval or at least extremely charming and sweet

Different hairstyles like bobs,

layered haircuts and short spiky hair can flatter your long face shape. However, stay away from styles which will lengthen your face and increase its angularity.

Choose a haircut

Assessing your face shape is extremely important before experimenting with new hairstyles. Hairstyles that add width instead of length are ideal for long face shapes. Choose a haircut or style which will flatter your high cheekbones. People with long faces have the added advantage of being able to carry off many different hairstyles which people with smaller or rounder faces are unable to.

Let us look at some examples of hairstyles which work well for women with long face shapes.

ayered hairstyle.

If you have straight hair, wear it long and loose with an off center parting. This style although simple can add volume and width to long angular faces. For women with long fine hair nothing works better than a layered hairstyle. Starting from chin length, cut your hair into graduated layers. Hair cut into bangs and swept sideways will complement long face shapes. Long bangs can frame the face and remove some of its angularity.

chic short hairstyles

Women who like to keep their hair short and boyish can choose from several chic short hairstyles. From cutting the hair into short layers, one can even try out graduated bobs, where the hair is kept very short with only a few strands left long and tapering towards the ears. This hair style will not only frame the face but take away some of its length.

short spiky style

If you really want to make a style statement, then go in for a short spiky style. This hairstyle looks absolutely gorgeous on women with long faces. In this particular style, the hair is cut in an uneven manner and upright spikes are created with strong hold styling gels.

wavy hair

If you have wavy then you can cut it in layers and style it to frame the face. For long faceswavy hair that is cut shoulder length with a small fringe is ideal.



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