Hairstyles For Fun Teen Age

Hairstyles For Fun Teen Age

We have something in store for women and girls of all age – For the teen fashionista, we present fun hairstyles which will give a novel twist and styling to their long hair. Whether it be the new year of the school or a fun outing with friends, we bring to you sassy, cool and fun hairstyles.

During those teen years, girls feel that the sky is the limit. Everything and anything in life seems possible. Teen age is the period, which excites everyone to explore the every bit of the world. These thoughts get reflected in their care free attitude, dressing and even in hair styles. Here, I would discuss about the hairstyles suitable for fun teen age.

Like their thoughts, there is no hard and fast rule about the hair styles the teens should go for. There is a wide range of styles, teens can opt for. Whether it is the short orlong hair styles, the main motto should be to get the stunning look.

Bouffant Hairstyle

A popular hairdo in the sixties and seventies, this will jazz up your outfit with a hint of retro. You could put on those retro style, big shades and sport scarlet lips to look like a beauty from the yester years of Hollywood cinema.

To make this hairstyle, just pile your hair on top of the head and give it a mini beehive look. Run your hands through the hair and tease it up to give your hair volume and fluffiness.

Short hair styles

If you have short hair then there are many options you can go for. The most popular short hair style is crop style. Layering and feathering work go well this type of hair styles. Next, you can think of going for bob hair style. This particular style has the capability to give a certain frame to the face.

If you are looking for a bit trendy and wild look then shag, punk and emo hair stylesare the best. The real spirit of fun teen age reflects in these wild cuts. Another cut is called the flippy cut, which gives the glamorous look.

Medium length hair hairstyles

The medium length allows us to experiment with a number of hair styles. The common and popular kind of medium length hair styles include the curly, blunt, shag and undercut hairstyles.

Thecurly hair style never goes out of fashion and always carries the look of elegance. Next, you can think of blunt style, which is also called as bob or page style also.

Long hairstyles for teen

There is no doubt that having long hair is always considered as an asset. The hairstyles of layered, curls and bangs go really well with long hair. However, you have to pay price for having long hair. Yes, the price is nothing but the maintenance.