Hair Spa at Home – Hair care tips

Hair Spa at Home

done is the best way to regain the texture and strength of your hair. Hair spa includes four basic steps- oil massaging, shampoo, hair mask and conditioning. Hair spa helps in recovery of shine and moisture of hair by just performing some simple steps. Hair Spa repairs your damaged hair from roots to tip and gives them shine and bounce. So, be ready to get healthy and this weekend and amaze your friends and loved ones. All you need is some basic things which are easily available at home like mild shampoo, towel, comb, hair brush, hair conditioning kit and a hair pack.

Massaging: Oil your hair by massaging for about ten minutes. Apply the oil on your hair scalp using your finger tips. Oiling and massaging is necessary because they help in reducing and fall and give shine to hair. If you have colored hair then it becomes essential to oil your hair to prevent dryness and to restore the natural shine. Use olive oil or almond oil for better results.

Shampoo: Use a to clean your hair. Apply shampoo with your finger tips on your scalp for at least 5-7 minutes. Make sure you use a shampoo which suits your hair type and should not have strong chemicals in it. Keep the shampoo on for 2-3 minutes after the message and then rinse with cold or Luke warm water. Do not use hot water as it can make the scalp dry.

Conditioning: After shampooing cover your hair with a layer of Conditioner is required to make the hair soft. Keep the conditioner on for 3-4 minutes and then rinse off properly with water. Make sure that the conditioner gets off properly.

Hair Mask: You can prepare a hair mask at home. Mix one egg, one table spoon castor oil, a few drops of lemon juice, honey and glycerin (one tea spoon each). Use an eggbeater to mix these ingredients and apply this mask for at least one hour. Wear a shower cap. After applying the hair mask, wrap a towel dipped in warm water to steam your hair. Boil tealeaves in water, cool it down and add some drops of lemon juice in it. Use this water to rinse your hair to remove the hair mask. Do not use dryer to dry your hair, let them dry naturally and feel the difference. Use a comb with thick bristles after the hair becomes dry.


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