Go Blonde Hair

Go Blonde Hair

It is one of the most liked shades of hair which at the same time provides great looks. There are large varieties of blond hair colour starting from highlighted honey colour to light cream locks with a gold hue. Selecting the right shade is the most important thing to be noticed if one needs blonde hair.

Different tips to have blonde hair

If one has naturally blonde colour then thing to do is to examine the hair properly to see if it needs lighten up or dark highlights.

The selection should be based on your skin tone. Look for a colour which, instead of making it stand out will complement your skin. Bright blonde is suggested for pale skin tones and for the darker skins the warm colours are best suited.

Highlights give the hair more texture and help to create depth.

Various blonde hair colour shades

Platinum blonde is very pale and nearly white in colour. Ash blonde has some grey shades to it. Sandy blonde is similar as the colour of sand and sunny blonde colours are from very bright to light yellow in colour. Golden blonde has a gold touch to it. Strawberry blond is reddish and bleached blonde is artificially done hair colour. Blonde and brunette streaks are called zebra blonde, the dark blonde shades are dirty blonde and the brownish blonde is the darkest shade of blonde hair colour.

Blonde dyed hairs

The dark basic colours of hair are removed to give a blonde look so the treatment is a bit harsh on the hair. So it can cause damage to the hair. Various conditioning treatments are available for the dyed hair care. Or one can go for layered dying which seem to cause less damage.

Going blonde can change the entire look and personality. With the hair colour it gives a wide variety of hair dos. The most important part is to take care of the hair with required precautions.

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