GM Diet Plan for Lose Fat in Just 7 Days


Are you looking for quick steps to reduce fat? We are here with the fast and simple solution that is called the GM diet. GM Diet is also called the General Motors diet. This is basically a diet plans that you need to follow for lose fat in just 7 days. So start reading GM diet plan for lose fat in just 7 days. Each day of the week has defined the different foods. It helps to burn your fat quickly and reduce your fat.

General Motors was a company who prepared the diet plan for his employees. The GM diet plan is divided into seven days with very strict rules about which food you have to eat on that day.

The GM diet plan can help you to lose up to 15 pounds weight in 7 days. It also helps to improve your digestive system. GM diet plan enhances your body to burn fat. It creates the calorie deficiency that helps to burn fat. In the GM diet plan exercise is not required to lose fat.

The GM diet – Step by Step Instruction

1) Day One – The GM Diet Plan

Start with the first day of the GM diet plan. You need to eat only fruit on first day. Avoid Banana. You can consume fruits as much as you can.

2) Day Two – The GM Diet Plan

After completing first day, come with the second day of the GM diet plan. On second day eat only raw and cooked vegetables. You can consume as much as vegetable you can. Avoid potato.

3) Day Three – The GM Diet Plan

Good job! Now start your third day the GM diet plan. On third day consume only any kind of fruits and vegetables. Avoid banana and potato. No certain limit of fruits and vegetable.

4) Day Four – The GM Diet Plan

Now start you day 4 with the GM diet plan. It’s time to eat banana. On fourth day consume up to 6 bananas and 3 glass of milk.

5) Day Five – The GM Diet Plan

Fifth day of the GM diet plan is started with chicken and fish. Eat two 10-ounce chicken or fish. You need to eat only six tomatoes on fifth day of the GM diet plan. If you a vegetarian then eat brown rice or cottage cheese at the place of meat. Drink plenty of water.

6) Day Six – The GM Diet Plan

This is the second last day of the GM diet plan. You need to eat only two 10-ounce chicken or fish. Avoid potato and include vegetable also on this day. If you cannot take meat then consume brown rice or cottage cheese. Drink 4-5 glass of water.

7) Day Seven – The GM Diet Plan

Finally last day of the GM diet plan is here. On the seventh day eat as much as you can brown rice, fruits, fruit juice and vegetables.

Other Guidelines You must have follow

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There are certain other guidelines provided by the GM diet plan in addition to the above given seven day instructions.

  • Don’t eat beans on the diet because they are high in calories that are the reason of weight gain.
  • Don’t use Soda, alcohol and other calorie-filled beverages.
  • You can drink coffee and green tea but without any sweeteners
  • After successfully completion of the seven day GM diet plan you need to consume high-protein, low-carb diet that will maintain your weight loss.
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Follow the sample diet plan of seven days:

Day One Diet Plan

Breakfast: Mixed berries (1 bowl)

Snack: One pear

Lunch: One Apple

Snack: Watermelon (1 bowl)

Dinner: One Orange

Snack: One bowl cantaloupe slices

Day Two Diet Plan

Breakfast: Boiled potatoes (1 bowl)

Snack: Baby carrots (1 bowl)

Lunch: Steamed Broccoli

Snack: Cherry tomatoes (1 bowl)

Dinner: Steamed asparagus with arugula

Snack: Half sliced cucumber

Day Three Diet Plan

Breakfast: One apple

Snack: Cherry tomatoes (1 Bowl)

Lunch: Spinach with cucumbers and tomatoes

Snack: One orange

Dinner: Strawberries and avocado

Snack: Mixed berries (1 Bowl)

Day Four Diet Plan

Breakfast: Two bananas and one glass milk

Lunch: Two bananas and one glass milk

Dinner: Two bananas with one glass milk

Day Five Diet Plan

Breakfast: Three sliced tomatoes

Lunch: 10-oz steak with one sliced tomato

Dinner: 10-oz tilapia with 2 sliced tomatoes

Day Six Diet Plan

Breakfast: Half avocado

Lunch: 10-oz grilled chicken and cherry tomatoes

Dinner: 10-oz salmon with kale and Brussels sprouts

Day Seven Diet Plan

Breakfast: Brown rice (1 Bowl) with a side of watermelon wedges

Lunch: Brown rice (1 bowl) with broccoli

Dinner: Brown rice (1 bowl) with mixed vegetables

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In this post you have gone through with very effective the GM diet plan. If you want to Lose Fat in Just 7 Days with GM Diet Plan, then you need to strictly follow the above given steps. Please share this post to your friends so that they can also take the advantage of this post.

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