How to Get The V-Shaped Body

Getting The V-Shaped Body

If you line up two guys with the same amount of muscle and fat on their frame, the guy with broader shoulders and a slimmer waist always appears fitter and stronger. The V-shaped body is often considered the perfect shape for the men and is one of the most sought after shapes because of the sexy look. The desired V-shape is a combination of broad wide shoulders, wide lateral muscles and a slim waist. To get it right one needs a weight training program consisting of a series of exercises that tone up each of these portions.

The starting point is the shoulders. The first thing that stands out in a V-shape is the shoulder area, wide and broad. So begin with dumbbell raises, front cable raises and barbell presses for the anterior deltoids or the front shoulder muscles.

The exercises will consist of rear shoulder raise and deltoid extensions. The lateral muscles are those muscles that look like the wings at the back. They lie at the back of the ribcage and form the gentle tapering portion that meets the slim waist.

Apart from this important shoulder muscle the other shoulder muscle that needs to be built up is the medial deltoid or the outer muscles. Here that exercises will include side raise and incline dumbbell raise. Finally you should develop the posterior deltoids, the third set of muscles in the shoulder which lie at the back.

The for this set of muscles is the pull up. It is quite difficult but if you can achieve a good number of pull ups in one set, then you are on a good speed to achieve those wide lats. If pull ups are difficult to do then start by doing the pull downs and then when you have strengthened the muscles enough, go for the pull ups.
Finally, come to the More important of this set of muscles are the oblique muscles which are found on the front side of the abdomen. Work out to tone these muscles through any of the numerous As you go on doing these exercises you will find that slowly you are getting that desired V silhouette.