Flat Tummy Exercise

Flat Tummy Exercise

When we think of yoga what immediately comes to our mind? Of course some rishi-muni sitting at the top of himalaya and preaching yoga to their disciples.

However, with the change in lifestyle of the people now the pattern of doing yoga has changed too. Today, Rekha, Shilpa Shetty and now Bipasha Basu are some of the glam names associated with modern yoga.
Modern yoga is another type which helps to get you that fabulous and sensuous curves which every woman loves to flaunt.  Here are some asanas (exercises) which can help you to get flat tummy/strong>


The shape of the shalabhasana is like of a locust. Lie down on the stomach. Adjust your arms beside your body. Take a deep breath and lift your legs as high as you can.

Be careful to control your body weight while doing the asana. This asana helps to get flat tummy and builds the strength of the lower back. It helps in improving the digestion system and brings flexibility in the body.


The shape of Dhanurasana is like of an arrow. Lie down on your stomach and then bring your legs up. Hold your legs with your hands. Take a deep breath and lift your body upward.

Hold this position for 20 seconds. You will feel the stretch on your navel area Repeat this 5 times. It helps to get flat tummy, reduces double chin, chest and toned thighs.


The shape of body is like a boat. Lie down on your stomach and keep arms and legs together on the mat. Take a deep breath and stretch the arms and legs and keep them parallel.

Keep your forehead between your arms while doing the stretching. You will feel the stretch in upper and lower tummy. It helps in making the lower back flexible.


The body makes the shape of a semi circle while doing this asana. Lie down on your back on the mat. Spread your legs and bend your knees. Bend your hands and the palms should be in inward position touching your shoulders.

Take a deep breath and push your body upward with the help of legs and hands. Hold this position for 15-20 seconds. Slowly come down and rest your body for few seconds. It helps in reducing the fat from abdomen.