Fix A Troubled Marriage: Warning Signs

Fix A Troubled Marriage: Warning Signs

On the surface, it might seem to the world that you and your spouse make the ‘golden couple’, that you and your spouse share a deep understanding and exciting chemistry. However, the truth of your marriage may be entirely different.
It might be hidden from you as well. You might not be able to figure out how far your marriage has deteriorated and what have been the causes of the failure of your marriage.

It has been observed that in majority of divorce cases, usually one of the spouses has little or no inclination about the problems in his/her marriage and the proposal of divorce usually takes him/her off-guard. At times, you might unintentionally start taking your spouse as granted and become too comfortable in your marriage. Such causal attitude towards your marriage can lead to serious problems. Nonetheless paying attention to the warning signals in your marriage can help you fix the forthcoming trouble and prevent your marriage from going down the path to failure.

It might seem strange that for most people, their wedding day is the most significant day in their lives; their wedding day marks the beginning of a new and beautiful life with the person whom they deeply love. Yet so many marriages end up with the couples going their own way, filled with regrets and grudges against their spouse.

It is horribly difficult to gauge why two people who were earlier deeply and madly in love  are unable to keep their marriage alive and cannot stand each other so much so that they decide to break up. These days the cases of separations and divorce have reached an alarming level and most couples are clueless about the triggers that brought them to the current situation when they cannot stand being under the same roof. However, if you are careful about the warning signals, you can fix your marriage at the right time before problems aggravate. In fact being concerned and careful and the problems in your marriage can help you in repairing the damage and ensuring that your marriage stays alive for a long-long time.

Indifferent Attitude towards Each Other

Has your spouse become indifferent towards you lately? Or have you become apathetic to him? Once indifference and apathy start creeping into your married life, it is time to take it seriously as it is a warning signal telling you that you and your spouse are losing interest in each other and your marriage is going down the drain.

When couples fight and have arguments, it shows that at least they take notice of each other. Though fighting has nothing to do with expression of concern and love, but it does qualify for the expression of your displeasure or anger at each other’s actions. But when you reach a stage where you think that fighting is not worth wasting your time and lose interest in what your spouse has to say, it suggests that trouble is brewing in your marriage.

Loss of Emotional Connection

When couples start losing the emotional connection with each other, it is a sign that spells doom for the married life. Lack of communication, inability to share your feelings with your partner, ignorant attitude of your partner to your miseries and problems, etc. are some signs that suggest that you and your spouse are losing the emotional attachment that till now have kept you together. And it is a known fact that no relationship can survive without emotional attachment and concern for each other.

Persistent Criticism

Do you find your spouse criticizing you for every small action and for every small reason? If your spouse constantly criticizes you and keeps complaining for every action even when you are not wrong, it signals that your marriage is experiencing some serious problems. Over-criticizing someone is not just hurtful for the person at the receiving end but it also acts as a serious blow to one’s self-esteem.

Loss of Interest in Spending Time Together

Couples, who are in love, enjoy each other’s company and look for opportunities to spend time with each other.But when you start noticing that spending time with your spouse has become a formality and a chore, and you would rather be with someone else than be with your spouse, it is an indication that your married life is missing something. Coming up with excuses to escape spending time with your spouse is a clear signal stating that problems are brewing in your marriage.

Looking for Distractions

Have you started opting for distractions to avoid being face-to-face with your spouse and experiencing that awkward moment when you don’t have anything to say to him/her? Do you spend most of the time watching television or listening to music on high volume when your spouse is around? If yes, then it means that you would rather be engaged in some distraction  than to spend time with your spouse to prevent any sort of communication between you and your spouse.


Have you been infidel with your spouse and indulged in an extra-marital affair? If yes, you can yourself  identify that your marriage is experiencing serious downfall. Your extra-marital relationships may or may not be sexual, but in both the cases, you and your spouse will start drifting apart.

What Can You Do to Fix your Marriage?

It’s never too late to fix your marriage in trouble and bring back the warmth and understanding  which you shared earlier with your spouse. If you are determined and genuinely concerned about saving your marriage, you can look for the warning signals and prevent them from wreaking havoc on your married life. Your efforts and commitment will reap positive results and you will be able to undo the damages in your marriage. The first step towards ixing your marriage is to have a heart-to-heart discussion with your spouse and talk about the problems in your marriage which you have been experiencing lately. Set aside time from your schedule and spend some quality time with your spouse. Keep the spark alive in your marriage and slowly and gradually the problems will fade away making way for love and affection to grow back in your relationship.

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