First Signs Of Pregnancy Healthy Diet – Which Foods To Avoid

First Signs Of Pregnancy Healthy Diet

The very first advice would be to do a pregnancy test yourself or more aptly, get it done by your doctor.Here are the first signs of pregnancy healthy diet – which foods to avoid.

First Signs Of Pregnancy

1.) Missed period

The very first sign indicating pregnancy is a missed cycle of period. This sign will automatically will lead you to possibly find out more symptoms. Sometimes it is also possible that some women experience lighter period than usual.

2.) Breast tenderness

One sign that is predominantly clearer about pregnancy is tender, sore or somewhat swollen breasts. Some women might notice it at bedtime or may feel it throughout the day. This is an important sign of pregnancy as the breasts are a vital organ for pregnancy; they tend to get swollen due to the segregation of hormones.

3.) Morning Sickness

This is a well known and the most easily recognized pregnancy symptom. This happens because all night you haven’t eaten anything and your tummy is now craving for food which might also result in you disliking your normal course of breakfast. Some women can try to change their breakfast to avoid morning sickness.

4.) Fatigue

One of the early signs of pregnancy is fatigue. You may start feeling lethargic while working at home or even while in office. It is a very common sign as your body is already gearing up for pregnancy and so many changes are going inside your body that feeling fatigue becomes very normal.

5.) Frequent urination

Some women might notice frequent trips to the restroom. This is because during pregnancy, the uterus expands which tends to put pressure on the bladder and thus you feel the urge to visit the restroom frequently.

6.) Mood swings and irritability

With so many symptoms along with the changing hormones, women get prone to mood swings and irritability. There are a lot of questions ranging in your mind which lead to the mood swings and thus the irritation caused.

Which Foods to Eat During Pregnancy

Being pregnant is undoubtedly an extremely physical stage of the life of a woman. Therefore, it requires us to consume an extremely balanced and healthy diet. It is important for the pregnant woman to receive adequate quantities of mineral and vitamins during this period. However, the calorie consumption should also be watched. Therefore a healthy diet is necessary not just for your own health, but also the health of the baby.

Vegetables and Fruits

The very first advice would be to do a pregnancy test yourself or more aptly, get it done by your doctor.Therefore, consuming a variety of fruits ensures that all vitamins required by you are covered. Not only this, fruits and vegetables provide healthy calories that are quite filling whether eating as a snack or part of the meal.


Another extremely important element that must be included in out healthy eating is water. Water is the most essential component of a healthy diet and keeps you hydrated all the time. It also helps in transporting the nutrients to all parts of the body to help in run smoothly. It is also recommended to combine some part of the water intake with green tea as it helps cleanse the body and keep it in proper condition during pregnancy.

Folic Acid

During pregnancy the women need to increase her intake of folic acid which can be done by consuming breakfast cereals and grains. Folic acid is required to promote the growth of the baby in the womb. By consuming this nutrients along with other related products will help you to provide all essential elements that your baby needs for sustain growth after birth as well.

Give up smoking and drinking completely during pregnancy. Both of these products are extremely detrimental to the health of you and your baby. It can even cause various problems in the life of the baby later.

So, make sure to develop a habit of eating health during pregnancy, not just for your own good health but also to keep your baby in optimal health.

Which Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

There could be no other moment which could come any closer to the happiness you felt when you got to know that you were pregnant.

But, this happiness also brings in a lot of responsibilities – the responsibility to take care of that child who has now made your womb his home for the next 9 months. Hence, it becomes extremely important to take care of your diet during this phase of your life.

Following a healthy diet should be your topmost priority. While, most foods are fine to go with, there are some foods which you have to particularly avoid due to the hazards it may cause.

Some foods could pose as a potential threat to the health or even the life of your child. Since there is a high risk of listeria and even salmonella poisoning involved with the consumption of foods likeraw meant and raw sea sea food, it should be avoided. Deli meats can also be contaminated with the bacteria responsible for listeria. Consuming these foods may lead to a miscarriage during your pregnancy or even stillbirth. Consuming deli meats when they are heated until steaming hot is one way by which having such food can be comparatively safer.

The consumption of raw eggs should also be avoided. Mayonnaise, custards, home-made ice creams etc contain raw eggs and there are chances that such foods may consist of salmonella. Avoiding the unpasteurized eggnog is also essential as it could potentially harm your baby. Smoked seafoods which are refrigerated are also harmful as even they have high chances of being contaminated with listeria.

Fishes such as shark, king mackerel, swordfish etc contain high amounts of mercury. If these high amounts of mercury reach the baby through the mother’s diet they could cause serious damage to the brain of the child which may result in delays in certain development such as walking, speaking etc of the child.

Soft cheese such as feta, brie etc are a working ground for harmful bacteria and these bacteria could harm your baby – so, it’s best you avoid them. Most importantly, avoid consuming alcohol, smoking cigarettes or even having foods with caffeine content.

Ensure that the vegetables you consume are properly washed before you eat.

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