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First Date Tips For Him & Har

There are many ways to woo a guy. And then there are also some not so pleasant ways to woo a guy. And desperation is one of them. Projecting yourself as a desperate individual is the last thing you would want to do if you
Now how do you go about impressing someone you like without sounding too desperate? What are those hidden signs of desperation that you need to be aware of when trying to get close to that someone special? Read on to find out!

Given below are some tell tale signs of desperation that seem to crop up in even the steadiest of relationships. So stay clear of these warning bells when you approach someone for the first time as well as when you are in a steady relationship with someone.

Some Useful Tips For A First Date

Look out! He’s Not Interested In The Conversation

A definite sign of desperation arises when you find yourself unable to stop talking to him even if he is not in the least bit interested in what you are saying. If you find him yawning, looking in all directions or looking downright dull when you talk, chances are he is not interested in you and chances are you are not getting his message.

Constant Cribbing

You get into a fix or get emotionally upset over something. Who do you call? If your answer is ‘that someone special’, chances are you are getting desperate. Of course it doesn’t hurt to share your problems with him once in a while. However, cribbing constantly and expecting his shoulder to cry on would not go down well with your guy.

Begging for Compliments

Of course we all love to get compliments now and then. But if you are literally begging for compliments, you are most surely desperate to impress him. In these cases, you would most probably keep on talking about yourself and stop only at places you want him to praise you or offer namesake credits.

Hounding Him With Calls, Messages and Emails

A sure sign of a desperate girlfriend is one wherein she keeps on hounding her guy with tons of phone calls, mails and text messages every day, even if most of the time the messages or mails don’t make any sense. And if you do the same, chances are you are being too desperate to date him.

Playing Fetch

Ever played fetch with your dog? If yes, then you would probably know how your dog would put the stick near your feet, wag his/her tail and hop up and down in excitement, asking you to throw the stick again. Well desperate girlfriends are just like that.

If you are forever ready to do everything he asks you to do, are ready to carry out his every whim and fancy to perfection and are available at his doorstep whenever he needs you, there’s no denying the fact that you are pretty desperate to make things work. And chances are he knows this and would utilize you to the maximum before deciding to either stick with you or say good bye.

Equal Attention and Affection

You cling on to him affectionately wherever he goes, call/text/mail him hundred times a day, and carry out his orders to perfection. Worse yet, you expect the same amount of adoration and adulation from him. Agreed that you would always want to be in your man’s heart! But constantly demanding his attention for the same is a sure sign of desperation that is best avoided.

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