4 Effective Ways To Stop Teeth Grinding

4 Effective Ways To Stop Teeth Grinding

This problem is a rather common one which affects people of all age groups. It is also known by a medical term which is called bruxism. People who suffer from this condition tend to clench their teeth and grind them together. In most cases, this grinding of the teeth occurs at night.

It can be quite disturbing for those around the patient as this grinding of the teeth can result in shrill sounds. This problem can also affect the teeth of the person in a negative way as it causes the steady destruction of the enamel coating of the teeth.

It also loosens the teeth and this makes them very weak. Dull headaches are also common among those who suffer from this problem. There are many ways by which this problem can be treated in an effective way to stop teeth grinding. Several home remedies can be used to counter this problem and this brings about a great deal of relief for the affected person.

Effective Ways To Stop Teeth Grinding

Vitamin B5

This vitamin is a part of the b-group of vitamins. It is extremely beneficial in the treatment of bruxism. This is because it helps to soothe the nerves in the human body. One of the major reasons why people grind their teeth at night is because of stress. In such cases, vitamin b5 is very effective as it helps the person to relax and get sleep at night.

Vitamin b5 can be obtained from several natural sources and it can also be consumed in the form of supplements. It is important to note that vitamins of the b-group must be consumed as a whole and not separately. B-complex supplements are ideal in such cases.


This herb is very beneficial in soothing stress and anxiety. It helps to soothe the nerves and muscles around the jaw area. This is beneficial in cases of bruxism as it prevents the constant clenching of the teeth. This herb is considered to be a very effective anti-spasmodic agent and this makes it beneficial in the treatment of this problem.

It is also helpful in relieving the symptom of pain which is associated with this condition and as a result of this the patient is able to get relief.

White Willow

This herb is known to be very effective in treating a wide range of disorders which result in pain. In the case of habitual teeth grinding, white willow supplements can be used to counter the symptoms of pain and inflammation.

It helps to soothe any kind of gum inflammation which might occur as a result of this problem. However, it is important to note that white willow can react with other medicines or herbs and so it is important to consult a doctor before making use of it in any form.


This herb is very effective in treating conditions which occur due to stress and anxiety. The supplements of this herb can be used to treat this problem. Ginseng also helps to prevent any kind of dental infection as it curbs the growth and spread of pathogens which might cause infections. It also has a positive effect on the functioning of the immune system and this helps to keep the person free from infections and inflammations.