Effective Home Remedies For Pilonidal Cyst

how to treat a pilonidal cyst

Pilonidal Cyst is a sac like structure that structures along the tailbone. It happens close to the split of the bum or more the butt. The growth is by and large made out of waste matter of the skin and hair. At the point when the free hair enters through the broadened openings of the hair follicle into the skin and from thereupon into the subcutaneous tissues, the ingrown hair aggravates the skin bringing about irritation and the development of a carbuncle or blister.

Infrequently extreme and constant weight on the sacrococcygeal zone can likewise offer ascent to a pilonidal sore or bother an effectively existing blister. These pimples can continue repeating and are more normal in men than in ladies. They regularly happen between the ages of sixteen to a quarter century. The fundamental indications are fever, torment in the lower spine, redness and delicacy over the lower spine and waste of discharge from the opening in the skin. Pilonidal sores can be effortlessly treated at home without turning to surgery or other restorative guide.

Best Home Remedies For Pilonidal Cyst


Chuna or slaked lime is extremely successful in battling the contamination and in drying out the bubble. Take some chuna and blend it with turmeric powder. Apply a thick layer of this blend onto the bubble. Tape the place with a gauze. Turmeric and chuna will cooperate to recoil the blister and mend it by and large.

Castor Oil

Apply some warm castor oil specifically on the sore and cover it with a wrap. Apply three circumstances every day and change the swathe each time. The mending and mitigating properties of castor oil will rapidly cure the blister.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is an extremely adept solution for contracting the pilonidal sore. This oil has an incomprehensible number of mending and corrective forces due to its antibacterial, antifungal and calming properties.

In the event that your pimple has turned out to be tainted then tea tree oil won’t just rapidly pulverize the disease however it will likewise recoil the growth quickly. Spread a drop or two of this capable oil on the bubble three circumstances day by day.

Epsom Salt

Fill your bath with warm water and blend some Epsom salts into it. Splash yourself for 60 minutes in this water. Epsom salt will lessen the aggravation and give extensive help in the torment. The magnesium and sulfate substance of Epsom salt will likewise draw out the poisons and help to contract the growth effectively.

Utilize this splash two circumstances day by day. Alongside this cure you ought to likewise take mind not to sit persistently for long stretches. Continue strolling or taking a pivot the house or your work territory as often as possible.


Turmeric is the most normal and generally utilized solution for a wide range of maladies and clutters. It has mind blowing calming and torment alleviating properties which give snappy help in the agony and swelling and propound recuperating quickly.

Make a thick glue with turmeric and water and apply it on the pimple. Apply three circumstances consistently. Notwithstanding this you ought to likewise take one teaspoon of turmeric blended with some warm drain for outright recuperating back to front.


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