Easy Ways To Remove Ear Wax

Easy Ways To Remove Ear Wax

Some of us have no issues in using almost every other handy device to remove ear wax, ranging from tiny pieces of paper, and hair pins to even safety pins. However, a standard practice in many homes involves using a swab of cotton, usually wound around a thin rod or stick to remove ear wax. And although it may seem as a fail proof method to remove wax from the ear.Earwax is released constantly to prevent dirt from entering the inner parts of the ear. It also prevents the growth of bacteria and protects the skin on your auditory canal from being irritated by water. Additionally, earwax cleans and lubricates the inner lining of the ear. So, without earwax, your ear can easily become dirt infested, infected, waterlogged, dry, and sore.


    • Itching of the ear canal
    • Fullness or plugged sensation
    • Dizziness
    • Ringing in the ear
    • Discharge from the ear canal
    • Decreased hearing
    • Earache

Home Remedies for Ear Wax Removal

olive oil

This is usually done over the course of about 5-7 days. What you will want to do is use an eyedropper to put a few drops of oil into the ear. Tip your head to one side, with the hand that isn’t holding the eye dropper you will want to pull up on your ear while guiding the eyedropper into the entrance to of the outer ear canal with your other hand. Keep your head tilted until you can feel the oil draining into your ear. Repeat this process once in the morning and once at night for about a week.

Cotton Buds/h4>

In most cases, ear wax that seems to have got stuck in the outer ear canal can be removed using a washcloth or a cotton bud. Avoid using hairpins, safety pins or any other thin device with which you think you can remove the wax. These options can potentially damage the ear canal in the process. Don’t use large cotton swabs as there are chances for them to get stuck in the canal with the wax. Do not use your finger to remove ear wax as you might push it further inside the ear, making it even harder for you to remove it afterwards. Using objects to poke around in the ear can also damage the ear canal, push the wax further inside or cause infections.

Baby Oil/Glycerin

Soften the ear wax by putting a few drops of baby oil or mineral oil with the help of a dropper. Let the oil settle in for some time by placing a cotton ball at the ear opening. This prevents oil from oozing out before reaching the ear wax. Take out the cotton ball after some time in order to drain out the extra oil from the ear. Oil helps to soften the impacted ear wax while facilitating the removal of ear wax.

Counter Remedies

There are several over the counter remedies and prescribed medicinal remedies for ear wax removal. Accordingly, you can opt for ear drops would soften the ear wax and make it easier to remove. There are also certain ear drops that actually liquefy the ear wax and make it rise up automatically. However, the contents in these drops could potentially cause an allergic reaction in the ear and so need to be avoided unless a doctor recommends them.

Ear Candling

This is by far the most dangerous method for removing ear wax, especially if you are dealing with a child. The method involves placing one end of a cone like device inside the ear canal and then lighting the other end. The flames thus produced would create a vacuum in the cone and pull out the ear wax. Although used in many places, this method of ear wax removal is neither effective nor safe. The fire could potentially harm the ear canal or punch a hole in the ear drum and cause permanent loss of hearing.

Salty water

Inexpensive and easy to get ahold of, salt water is one of the best earwax removal solutions that you can use at home. Salted water softens accumulated wax, making it easy for you to remove it without pushing it deeper into the ear.

Prepare a mixture of ¼ teaspoon salt and ¼ cup warm water.When all of the salt has completely dissolved, tilt the affected ear upward and place 2 to 3 drops of the saline water.You can use a dropper to apply the solution or soak a cotton ball in the water and squeeze a few drops into the ear.Keep your head tilted for 3 to 5 minutes to allow the salty water to soften the earwax.Next, tilt your head in the opposite direction and allow the saline solution to drain out.Finally, use a clean dry cloth or cotton swab to clean your ear and remove the softened wax.