Easy Eyebrow Shaping For Men

Eyebrow Shaping For Men

Because most men are able to make it through the first few decades of our life without having to do it.It’s not till our late twenties or thirties that the hair on our eyebrows starts to grow in a way that it needs maintenance.

Whatever the method you use, always remember not to slim down your eyebrow like the women do. According to your facial anatomy, eyebrows should be thick and a bit heavy.  Be careful to remove those strands of hair, which are obviously straying from the brows’ natural shape.

If you have chosen plucking as your method, then sometimes tip of the eyebrow can create irritation and turn into red. In such a situation, keep a wet tea bag on that part and you will get the immediate comfort. You should go for plucking just before the bedtime, so the redness and pain caused during this process would sooth down by morning.

When eyebrows are bushy, it is difficult to tame them and to trim. In this situation, it is always good to comb the brows first after spraying with a little hair spray. It makes each hair strand defined to pluck it off.

At the end of your eyebrow shaping session, it’s always advisable to use some moisturizer or cream on the skin around eyebrows, but not beforehand.

Sometimes, a kind of sensation is felt for hours. In such a situation, it is always better to divert your attention by doing something which you enjoy the most. Follow the above steps and get the perfect shape.