Early HIV Symptoms

7 Early HIV Symptoms

HIV is a virus that affects the immune system, specifically the CD4 cells, which help protect the body from illness. Unlike other viruses the immune system can normally fight off, HIV can’t be eliminated by the immune system.When a person gets infected by Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), he or she will test positive for HIV. AIDS is caused by HIV. The number of AIDS patients and the HIV infected persons is constantly on the rise.This particular syndrome is considered as a severe one because gradually, it disables the patient’s body to fight any illness or disease. It is very important to notice the early symptoms of this syndrome so that treatment can be started early.

HIV Symptoms in Men

Asymptomatic period

After the initial symptoms disappear, HIV may not cause any other symptoms for months or years. During this time, the virus replicates within your body and begins to weaken your immune system. You won’t feel or look sick, but the virus is still active, and you can easily transmit it to others. This is why early testing, even when you feel fine, is so important.

Lack of Stamina or Unexplained Fatigue

Many men, who have recently been infected with HIV, may experience an unexplained change in their energy levels. They may feel low in energy or stamina, which may lead to fatigue. Even a normal day’s works may make them feel more tired and exhausted.

Skin Rashes

An important early HIV symptom experienced by men,infected with the HIV, may include skin rashes, particularly in the chest area. Certain other skin irregularities may also be noticed in the initial stage of infection.

The skin rash appears like a patch and is clearly noticed because it is darker as compared to the surrounding skin areas. Some men may also develop skin rashes that are accompanied with itchiness and burning sensation. Skin rashes usually disappear within a few weeks.

Swollen Glands

A common early HIV symptom in men is certain amount of swelling in the lymph glands. Inflammation or swelling may occur in one or more lymph glands.

The commonly affected areas are the neck and the armpits. In most cases, the swelling or inflammation does not cause any discomfort or pain, even when you touch the swollen glands. Hence, most often it is mistaken for another illness.

Joint and Muscle Pain

Another common early symptom of HIV in men is pain in the muscles and joints. He can also experience body aches, which may become severe with the passage of time. This symptom may interfere with the daily chores. The affected person needs to take rest in between his work.

Sore Throat

Men affected with HIV, also have the chance of developing sore throat as an early symptom of HIV. You should deal with it in an appropriate way otherwise it may cause you great discomfort. It may also make swallowing of foods difficult. Some people may be affected by decreased appetite problem.

Mild to Moderate Fever

Developing fever is one of the most common early symptoms of HIV infection in men. Fever may occur soon after getting infected with HIV. Usually, fever is low to moderate in nature.It normally exceeds 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit. The patient may experience fever symptoms like sweating and chills. Fever symptoms can continue for nearly 2 weeks before getting resolved.


In general, men infected with HIV will get frequent episodes of headaches along with fever. The intensity of these headaches may be anywhere from mild to moderate.Headaches characterizing HIV may be similar to other usual headaches. You will be able to get rid of these headaches with the help of aspirin, ibuprofen or acetaminophen.