How To Lose 10 Pounds In A Week – Dieting Tips

Dieting Tips On How To Lose 10 Pounds In A Week

If tired of struggling with heavy gym machines and looking for an easier way-out to lose around 10 pounds in a week to sneak in your favorite suit for the office party that is scheduled for next week, a great diet plan can be your way to success.

Including regular aerobics and no-nonsense edibles, a well planned food menu can easily cut those extra pounds from your body and can make you look slimmer and smarter than ever only in seven days.

How To Lose 10 Pounds In A Week

Day 1

The very first day of your week-long should be made of fruits only. You can start your day with an apple and can keep repeating it unless your fruit intake doesn’t reach to the summed up calorie level of a big watermelon, 4 apples and oranges along with two pomegranates. If all the fruits are not available in market, you can get a standard calorie chart to decide energy percentage of different fruits and can consume them to mark the decided calorie line for the day. While following day 1’s food chart, you must pay attention to your overall food consumption for the day and refrain from consuming the edibles which are not mentioned in the list. Nonetheless, first day is fruit only day but Banana is a big no-no for the list as this high-calorie fruit gets no place in weight-loss diet chart for first few days.

Day 2

Diet plan of second day is all about vegetarian delights and to give a kick start to your day, one boiled potato in morning will be more than enough. If you are wondering on the use of potato, some surprising facts regarding this great vegetable will surely clear your misconception.

Consisting 75% of water, potato is one the best sources for Vitamin A, B, C and P which is an important requirement during these to make vital nutrients available to the body. For dinner and lunch, you can opt for green leafy salad, as salad makes for a light and nutrition rich diet.

Day 3

On the third day of your week long weight loss mission, your food menu will be incorporating only fruit and vegetables. On this day you would be allowed to eat as much boiled vegetables and whole fruits, as you can but do not try to binge on banana and potato. Fruit juice is also not in the list however you can increase water intake by making it minimum 12 glasses a day.

Day 4

Staying in the no-entry zone for three initial days of the 7 days weight-loss plan, Banana is the diet for day 4. The complete menu for fourth day includes 8 bananas,3 glasses of milk and a bowl of diet soup. Start your day with banana, add milk in your lunch time and go slim with diet soup in dinner. To get the best result, drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Day 5

Fifth day of the program is a rice-day. Keeping fruits and vegetable on the dining table, rice is included in the plan to supply right amount of carbohydrate to your body. The entire menu for the day is made of a small bowl of rice, 1/2 glass of skimmed milk, 1 nos. of apple and grape fruit while 2 nos. of oranges. The vegetable quotient of the diet is inclusion of 6 tomatoes. To keep dinner light and delighting, you can go for diet soup. You can keep a small platter of salad as a back-up to avoid being starved.

Day 6

Sixth day of this fitness regime is a remarkable day when you can find a clear reduction in your weight. Though, the food menu for the day is a repeat of fifth day’s dietary plan only, 6th day makes you adaptable to the particular eating habit. This miraculously helps in achieving the fitness goal within the pre-decided time limit.

Day 7

This is the final day of the plan which allows you to be bit flexible as you can add fruit juice and an extra bowl of rice in sixth day’s menu. With the perfect look, seventh day will also endow you with a better digestive system.To gain the best from this 7 day plan, you can start your day with a mix of water, lemon juice and honey. This mix works as a great catalyst in melting extra fat from the body. Dieting is nothing about staying hungry and losing weight in an unhealthy manner. A well-planned diet is always made of nutritional eatables which impeccably suffice your hunger and effectively help you lose weight.


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