Dating a Scorpio Woman

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The experience of dating a Scorpio woman is indeed very different from dating the woman of a different zodiac. Scorpio men have more subdued zodiac traits while the females have more pronounced traits in terms of their zodiac.

Females of this sign are very secretive and behave more like a Scorpio in a very profound way. They are extremely hideous and at the same time very particular about their friends and foes. They can go to any extent for their friends and can even kill their enemies if need be.

While dating her, you must be ready for the sting any time and be ready to deal with her in a different way compared to others. If you are expecting that she will be telling everything about herself in the first few meetings, itself then you are extremely wrong in your assumptions.

She is mysterious and tries to keep many a thing to herself rather than pouring things out to you. She will speak a lot and make you feel at ease however, a sense of explosion will always lurk at the back.  Be ready to encounter a few peculiar tastes when it comes to going out for a date with her.

She will try to taste several odd recipes and will order all the interesting and mysterious food from the list. To be safe take her out to a place after researching about the place and checking out that the dishes offered by the restaurant are safe and not weird.

The Scorpio females will portray a unique and very delicate aura, not all are beautiful. Yet they have a charm. It will be very hard for you to resist her charm, but try to be bold enough to handle yourself. Do not utter out a lot on the first date itself or even behave loose. It is very easy to fall a prey to her good looks, charm and mysterious nature.

Try to avoid that using your practical self and only speak how much you feel is needed. Remember she loves mystery retain that for sometime and reveal slowly. This will make her come back to you again and again and not lose interest at the same time.

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