Celebrity Skincare Secrets to Looking Younger – How to Apply Makeup


Every woman wants to grab attention and attraction of people in a party. To get that purpose she even watches TV and wants to look like celebrities. Also one has to depend over the perfect makeup application as the proper step of celebrity makeup helps even the ordinary looking girl to look marvelous. Looking great is not much difficult as it appears. There are some easy celebrity skincare secrets to looking younger – how to apply makeup steps mentioned below which helps women to look great.

Skin Type 

The major and the most important thing before starting the step of celebrity makeup is analyze the skin type as it is oily, normal or combination skin. Choose the cosmetics which are suitable for your skin if the cosmetic don’t matches with your skin type then it will give fake or dramatic look to the face and you will look like a clown.

How to Apply Makeup

1) Concealer

Next and important step of celebrity makeup is concealer.Choose the concealerwhich is one shade lighter as compared to your foundation shade. Put the small dots of the concealer under eyes. Now apply with your fingertips or the makeup sponge.

2) Foundation

As the name indicates it is like of all the step of celebrity makeup. For the purpose, take the foundation which exactly matches to your skin tone. Put some small dots to the central portion of the face. Blend it well for the proper application over the whole face. To make the life of concealer as well as foundation long, apply some face powder over it.

3) Eye Shadow

In next step of celebrity makeup, eyes to be made up as these are the mirror of the inner emotions. Take 3 shades of light, medium and dark. Dark shade will be used over upper eyelid to make a thin line along the upper lashes.  Medium shade will put in the middle portion and the light shade is used to make up the area under brow.

4) Eyeliner

In the next step of celebrity makeup,  having thin brush. Now, line the lower lid with the help of this. The line should cover 2/3 of the lower lid area. Those who want to get darker look must line over the upper lid.

5) Mascara

Take mascara and apply it over the upper and lower lashes. The application should be off two thin lines. Those who have fair complexion choose brown shade, for the darker people black or brown-black shade will be perfect.

6) Lipstick

Choose the  that suits your skin tone not only matches with the fashion statement. Fair complexion ladies can choose the darker shades according to their dresses and the dark shade ladies choose according to the dress.

7) Lip Line

Many people think that the lines of lips can be prepared before lipstick application but it is not true the lines of the lips should be made up after the application of make up. It is the perfect way to hide the dark spots of lips but avoid choosing and combining dark shade of liner with a pale lipstick.

These are the step of celebrity makeup which can help even a normal looking girl to get the look of celebrities.


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