Career In Environmental Sciences

Career In Environmental Science

Environmental science is a branch of applied sciences and it is a vast subject with many specializations available for the interested candidates to choose from.

Some of the popular specializations offered within the realm of this subject include environmental chemistry, environmental ecology, environmental physics, environmental engineering, environmental management, environmental protection and environmental planning and legislation.

Environmental science graduates with expertise in environmental chemistry may start a career as an environmental chemist and same is applicable to an environmental physicist. If a candidate wants to practice as an environmental ecologist, he must have sufficient expertise in environmental ecology.

For eligible candidates , plenty of career positions are available in various fields of environmental sciences. For example, an environmental manager is responsible for managing environment by implementing waste management and waste disposal practices; an environmental protection director works in a senior level position as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for environmental matters.

An environmental auditor

An environmental auditor is responsible for providing necessary input for the implementation of a comprehensive environmental compliance audit and environmental assessment program for various companies and commercial establishments; and an environmental engineer provides the engineering expertise and technical support necessary to manage environmental safety procedures.

Managerial level positions are also available for right candidates in various environmental field operations, mainly to perform activities designed to ensure environmental compliance. For example, environmental specialist positions are offered by various energy plants for doctorates in environmental sciences. Their career responsibility is to provide regulatory analysis, advice, and expertise for all aspects related to federal, state and local environmental regulations applicable to fossil, biomass and renewable energy plants.

Other senior level positions offered in the field of environmental sciences include positions such as Environmental Project Manager; Senior Environmental Scientist; Corporate Environmental Affairs Director; Director of Environmental Planning Group; Corporate Environmental Specialist; and Managing Director of Environmental Health & Safety organizations.

Environmental project managers

Environmental project managers are responsible for various environment projects while environment scientists work with scientific and research organizations. Corporate environmental directors and managing directors work in a corporate environment but in close collaboration with federal government environment agencies in order to assure the compliance of environmental health and safety regulations in a corporate environment.

Major junior or mid-level positions

Major junior or mid level position offered by various environmental organizations include positions such as Environmental Associate; Environmental Technician; Environmental Pollution Prevention Analyst; Sustainability Analyst and Environmental Coordinator. These positions are available for graduates and post graduates in environmental sciences and their career responsibilities require them to analyze and prevent various environmental hazards and report such incidents to senior management; to co-ordinate with various environmental projects; to assure quality of various environmental projects; and associate with various environmental safety measures.

There is a huge demand for environmental science graduates across various industries and environmental organizations. They are paid handsomely in the range of USD 35,000 to USD 45,000 per annum. Scope for career growth is also tremendous. Environmental science is an ideal career choice for those who love nature and environment and who have a genuine interest to protect the environment from various environmental hazards.