Canada Marine Biology University Courses

Canada Marine Biology University Courses

What is Marine Biology

Marine biology is the study of marine organisms, from microscopic plankton to the largest whales.

For the aspiring marine biologists, numerous academic programs are offered across various global universities located across the globe. During the last decade, Canada has also become one of most favored education destinations for the global student community for gaining qualifications in various subjects. Some of the well respected marine programs are conducted at the universities of Canada.

LeadingCanadian Universities for are the University of New Brunswick; Dalhousie University; University of Guelph and the Memorial University of Newfoundland. All levels of professional qualifications in marine biology such as bachelor degrees Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology and Bachelor of Arts in Marine Biology; master degrees such as Master of Science in marine biology and doctoral qualifications such as PhD in marine biology are available in these Canadian universities.

Top reasons to study Marine Biology

      Get hands-on training in practical scientific techniques in field- or lab-intensive SEASIDE courses offered during the summer semester.
      Participate in an observational study of marine organisms, such as seals, salmon, corals, or cephalopods right on campus.
      Take courses taught by passionate faculty members who are world leaders in fisheries conservation, marine mammal behaviour and physiology, and conservation genetics.
      Choose the Marine Biology Co-op program, and do work-terms at a local fish hatchery or whale watching company—or maybe even in a marine park in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

University of New Brunswick

University of New Brunswick is mainly conducting a degree program in marine biology, Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology.

Dalhousie University

Major bachelor level qualifications offered by the Dalhousie University in the subject of marine biology include courses like Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology Major; Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology honors; Bachelor of Arts in Marine Biology Major and Bachelor of Arts in Marine Biology honors.

University of Guelph

A Bachelor of Science honours in marine and freshwater biology is offered at the University of Guelph for the aspiring marine biologists.

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Memorial University of Newfoundland is a favored education destination for global students mainly for acquiring advanced master level and doctoral level qualifications in marine biology. Master of Science in marine biology and PhD in marine biology are offered at the university for the eligible candidates.

All the above mentioned courses are offered as full time on-campus study programs and are open for all international students. As far as the course duration of the courses is concerned, duration of a bachelor degree ranges between three and four years and the duration of a master program is two years. A PhD degree may take three to four years of regular study for its completion depending upon the nature of the research work the candidate has opted for.