Best Weight Gain Tips For Skinny Woman

Best Weight Gain Tips For Skinny Woman

Tired of being the skinny girl? We’ve got your fix. Use these four tips to put some lean muscle on your ectomorph body. Get rid of your chicken legs and T-Rex arms for good!

In this age of ‘skinny’ being a fashionable thing, there are to put on a healthy weight rather than look anorexic andFor all the skinny girls who are trying to add inches to your waist and bust line, here are some thrilling tips that you can follow.

5 Ways For Skinny Girls To Gain Weight

Calorie Intake

Calorie intake must be a monitored one and you must avoid saturated fat as well. It is also important to start adding more calories slowly so that your body will slowly get adjusted to the new diet plan. Do not get the habit of gorging on junk food to put on weight fast.

This will only lead to weightgain which is unhealthy and you may not necessarily gain weight in the right places with this regime. Women mostly tend to gain weight in the thighs, hips and stomach and this must be controlled with the necessary steps while you try to gain weight. You can add extra calories of about 500-1000 depending on how much weight you want to put.

Eat Up

I know what you’re thinking: “Wait? What? You’re telling me to eat more?” I know this might be a total mind-blower for you ladies who are constantly told to watch what you eat, but you need to eat more to build muscle. The foundation for all your hard work in the gym is the food you eat!

Many women are misinformed about their eating habits; they think they have to eat much differently than men do. Really, ladies looking to build muscle can approach their eating habits similarly. The only real difference is the amount of calories. Because men tend to have more muscle and less fat, they can eat moreBuilding muscle requires energy, and energy requires fuel, so fuel up! Without a caloric surplus, the body will simply maintain its current size. Women who want to add lean muscle and shape to their figure need to eat more calories than they burn during the course of the day. This equates to around 200-250 calories over maintenance. For most women, about 15 calories per pound of body weight should be enough to maintain.

Add Liquids

Instead of drinking water, you can add more nutritious liquids such as milk shakes, fruit juices etc.which will help in adding the right calories to your diet and help you gain weight naturally. It is also important to add of water as well to your diet to keep your body hydrated.


Although the general perception about exercise is that only obese women should exercise and skinny women get skinnier with regular exercise, this is not the case.

While you are trying to gain weight, it makes sense to do the right exercises so that you do not gain excess weight and also have the privilege to sculpt body in such a way that you gain weight only in the right placesExercise is the only way by which you can attain a proportionate figure while you gain weight.

Push Ups

Push ups is one of the best exercises for upper arms that helps to get rid of love handles and developed toned, strong and ripped arms. It also helps to strengthen the chest, shoulders, triceps and core muscles and is considered a complete muscle-building exercise that can be practiced by both men and women. In case of women, it helps to develop toned and strong arms without promoting huge biceps and triceps and in case of men it helps to bulk by skinny arms in an effective manner.

Place your arms on the ground, hands placed slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Lower your chest till it almost touches the floor, squeeze your glutes and keep your abs tight as you lower your body and then raise it with the support of your arms. Keep your elbows close to the sides of your body.

Keep a training log

Keeping a training log will help you track how much weight, reps & sets you did so you can know exactly how much weight, reps & sets you’ll need to do to beat your last workout.

Running or Brisk Walking

This is the final exercise in the list that does not require any equipment, all one needs is a pair of running shoes. Focusing on cardio can bring about remarkable changes in the body and enhance lean muscle mass naturally. Being gradually by going for short walking and slowly increase the speed and intensity of the walks till you can jog at a light pace.This may take some time, and you need to be patient and consistent. Remember to pull your navel towards your core when you do cardio exercises like walking or running in order to have increased strength.