10 Best Ways To Get Thicker Thighs

Best Ways To Get Thicker Thighs

Like obtaining spot reduction of weight, it is also impossible to instantly. We can not direct our body metabolism and make it to loose or gain weight instantly at our wish. So if you are planning to make your thighs thicker then it can be done by gaining weight in totality.

This can be perilous too as being driven by the desire to make the thighs thicker you can end up with the increased weight of the entire body. In the following paragraphs we will discuss how to get thicker thighs without being obese. There are two aspects involved in getting thicker thighs- firstly, maintaining a healthy diet and secondly, proper exercises for earning thicker thighs.


Maintain a balanced diet rich in protein is essential in order to obtain thicker thighs. Proteins are considered to be the building blocks which initiate and enhance the growth and development of the body. Including protein diet into each of the meals taken will help the legs build up muscles and will make them thicker. Protein rich diet can be obtained from foods like tuna fish, chicken, beans and eggs.

One other means of taking in protein rich diet is by drinking protein shakes. You can also consider taking protein supplements. Protein powders available in the market can be assorted with skimmed milk and if you are lacto negative then you can also use soy milk. It is advisable to have proteins before you start to work out, as this provides the muscles with the requisite energy needed throughout the work out.

Staying hydrated throughout the day with the intake of at least eight glasses of water daily is another important aspect that is very useful if you wish to avail healthy thigh muscles. Drinking plenty of water prevents the body from getting dehydrated as you work out for toning your thigh muscles.

Finally, besides proteins healthy carbohydrates like whole grains, brown rice, wheat bread and pasta are some of the balanced good carbohydrate diets which should also be included in the regular dietary schedule. This not only helps to build the thigh muscles but also provides the extra energy required for maintaining the body during the work outs.

In maintaining a carbohydrate included diet, proper care should also be taken that we do not overload the body with carbohydrates as this will lead to fat built up instead of muscles in the body.


Other than maintaining a healthy diet, exercising for the toning of the thigh muscles is very essential. When looking for how to get thicker thighs, we can perform the following exercises.


Squats are the best possible ways of availing thick thighs but you should be aware of the fact that if you are not a regular body builder then Squats should be avoided by you as these exercises need a lot of energy.

Barbells should be used to do Squats. You can choose either to do squats by putting weights on the shoulders or by holding the weight in front of the chest. The heels should either be raised or kept down when doing squats. Other than the fact as to how the Squat exercise should be done to thicken the thighs, care should also be taken regarding the position of the body parts.

For example when in straight position the legs should not be positioned out as this will put off all the pressure from the muscles and the purpose of straining and toning them will not be solved. If you are doing the Squats alone then use a table to measure how far you can go down.

The position of the knees that is if they are pointed or not and that of the feet will decide to what extent will your workout be successful in toning the upper, outer and the inner thighs.

You Can do the Following Types of Squats With Ten Repetitions of Three Sets.

Barbell Squat

The things needed for performing this type of Squat are a squat rack, weights and an Olympic bar. The body position should be as such- heels must be elevated and then squat below till the thighs are in line with the ground. Force enough of weight that will tire you out by the time you reach the tenth repetition.

Wide Stance Barbell Squat

In this type of Squat the heels are raised and legs kept broad. The knees must be kept pointed out in this process of squat so as to avail an inner thigh work out.

Hack Squat

Keep the heels raised; position the barbell behind the gluteus. When the barbell contacts the floor a complete squat gets accomplished. This particular exercise has proved to stand very productive when trying to achieve thick thighs.

Leg Press Machines for Thigh Development

Some of the simpler exercises like the leg and the hamstring exercises can also help you to avail thick thighs

Leg Press Machine

These machines have foot pads on them which can be customized to provide work out to theouter, inner or upper thighs.

Thigh Curls

In this machine a cable and a pulley machine provided with ankle straps are used to build the hamstring muscles as well as the thigh bicep muscles.

Abductor and Adductor Machines

These machines work out the hip flexor and also the inner thigh muscles for toning of the thighs.

Dumbbell Lunges

Workout with these machines help to build the gluteus as well as the back thigh muscle. The lower body and also hip flexibility gets enhanced.

Hamstring Development Exercises

One way of making the hamstrings of the leg strong is to wrap a leg weight as per your fitness level, around your ankle. With a firm grip on the stair railing, stand firmly on a stair. Once leave the foot with no weight put on the stair and then drop the leg along with the weight a little off the stair side so that it dangles in mid air.

Now bend the weighed leg in a manner that it reaches a right angle and then hold on to this position for fifteen seconds.Follow the same set of exercise for the other ankle by changing the leg weight to the other ankle. Repeat the work out at least three more sets of fifteen. This exercise can be done three to five times in a week to get desired results.


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