Best Remedies For Itchy Breast

Best Remedies For Itchy Breast

Itchy breasts may not occur frequently and for most women seem trivial, but if it persists, it can be embarrassing and an uncomfortable malady. Most of the times, itching in the breast may be due to dryness of the skin, an allergic reaction due to your perfume, or the type of clothing you have worn or improper wardrobe.

At other times, the itching in the breasts may be associated with hormonal changes during pregnancy or menstruation. Lack of proper hygiene and a poor diet also causes itching breasts. Here are some of the best ways to overcome an itchy breast:

Remedies for Itchy Breast

Wash Clothes Regularly

Rinse your clothes especially your bras well. Perspiration creams and perfumes that you use dry on your bra as it touches your skin, thus augmenting the growth of bacteria and itchiness in the breast.

So, one must wash the bras after every use in warm water. Further, the detergent that you use can also cause irritation to the skin so, you must rinse clothes in mild soap.

Wear the Right Kind of Inner Wear

The size of the bra is very important. Women need to wear bras that fit well. If you wear a smaller sized bra, then there is no room for the breast skin to breathe, and if you wear a bigger bra, then the material rubs against your skin causing rashes and itchiness. Also, choose a bra with soft fabric. Cotton bras are the best. Go bra-less in the house as much as practically possible and definitely do not wear a bra while sleeping.

Moisturize Regularly

Use moisturizers regularly on the breast area to prevent dryness of the skin. Many moisturizing creams and lotions are available in the market. Unscented moisturizers for sensitive skin are the best.

Maintain Good Hygiene

It is recommended to take bath regularly. Take a warm shower, but limit your time in the water. Wash yourself thoroughly with unscented soap or take a cool bath with oatmeal and baking soda. After a bath, also make sure that you dry the area completely to prevent fungal and bacterial infection in the breast area.

Coconut Oil

You can try massaging with coconut oil. It not only soothes itchiness, but also helps in blood circulation. You can even try massaging with petroleum jelly or calamine lotions. Apply coconut oil on the affected area of the breast. You can massage gently so that the skin will absorb the coconut oil. This needs to be done several times a day until you see your desired results

Constantly Hydrate

Do you realize that one of the reasons why the skin may be having problems is because you do not drink enough water? When you drink water, you will be protecting your skin which is the biggest part of your body. Try to drink up to 8 – 10 glasses of water every day although this may change depending on the activities that you do. The more active you are, the more water you may need. You may also drink clear soups and broth in order to get enough liquid inside your body which can be helpful for your skin.