11 Best Online Business Ideas to Earn Money without Investment

Best Online Business Ideas to Earn Money without Investment

What is online business? How can I earn money online? How to start online business? This entire question will come in your mind when you think to earn money online. We are listing 11 best online business ideas to earn money without investment and every aspects of online business and various online methods by which you can earn extra income. Starting of any business in not easy whether it is online or off line.

In the given online business ideas you have the flexible options to choose. In these ideas you do not have the risk which is generally happen with the business. You can easily build the website and reach to the various audiences to expand your online business. Keep reading to know more about online business.

Best Online Business Ideas and How to Get Started

There are some basic requirements to start online business. You just need to prepare with these before starting:

1) Select a domain name of your niche

2) Choose the best web hosting provider

3) Buy SSL certificate for your website

Idea1) Start Blogging

Blogging is the very good and very true method to be start as online business. By blogging you can earn very good extra money. There are many bloggers who earn millions of dollars from blogging. If you have the writing skills and you can write the blog on the trending topics then you can become the successful blogger.

For blogging you do not need to know the more technical and computer knowledge. You can use the word press framework which has the inbuilt feature for blogging. It makes the blogging easy for you. After publishing the contents on your blog, you can show the ads, promote your partners products and services etc. In return you will get the commission as money.

Important Steps to Start the Blogging

Step 1: Choose a niche

Every one searches the solution of their problems on the internet. They want the proper and exact solution. So you should choose the proper niches and write on the selected niche.

Step 2: Plan your blog structure

The next step is to plan a good structure of your blog. The blog structure should be proper and easy to navigate so that user can easily find the solution for what he is searching. Good structure is also important for SEO purpose.

Step 3: Write great content

Content is the king. Good content drive more traffic on your blog. You should write the great content on your niche blog. Google also give the priority to the good contents.

Step 4: Promotion of your content

After publishing the great content on your blogging site. Now it’s time to promote those contents. There are a lot of audience are active on different social media platform so you can share your contents on these social sites.

Step 5: Monetize your blog

The last step of blogging is to monetize your blog. You need to produce eBooks, add sponsor contents, and apply for Google ad sense. Etc. By applying these things you can earn a good income from your blogging site.

Idea 2) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is good and easy way to earn money online. You just need to join the affiliate company and list their products. Once the listed products purchased by anyone then you will get the commission amount. You can join the Amazon or eBay for affiliate network.

Other important affiliate networks such as Commission Junction or ShareASale give the variety of products and service for listing. You can also join these networks to expand your income.

Important Tips for starting affiliate marketing online business

Step 1: Research affiliate programs

First you should spend some time to research the right affiliate programs. You must be make sure about programs that it is trustable and have a good reputation. Also know about proof of payment which these programs paid.

Step 2: How you get paid

There are many ways to get paid in affiliate marketing program like CPS, CPL, CPC, and CPA. You should check wisely before you get started to affiliate program whether it is profitable or not.

Step 3: Payout day

Payout depends on each affiliate marketing program. Some affiliate programs give you payment on same day, and some are offer after 10 days. It also depends on the country. You also need to clarify that how method they follow to be paid like, PayPal, check etc.

Step 4: Customer Support

Customer support is also important factor for the affiliate marketing program. You should look and research about customer service they provided. Can you call them or take the support 24/7? All these are important for taking any help.

Idea 3) Ecommerce Store

Ecommerce store is another good online business idea if you have great products. There are several good platforms such as shopify, woo commerce and bigcommmerce which make easier to start the ecommerce store. You do not need to invest the lot of money to start ecommerce store. Running cost is much cheaper than the physical store. You only need to keep smooth running to grow the online store.

Important tips to start an ecommerce Store

Step 1: Choose the right ecommerce platform

For online store you have to consider several things for an ecommerce store, like payment gateway, product configurations, add-on plugins, transaction fee, etc. All these things are important to have for starting online store.

Step 2: Select Domain Name and Hosting Provider

For online store select the correct domain name and hosting provider. The website has the full control of your online store. You must have selected the hosting provider.

Step 3: Install and Setup the platform

Woocomerce is the good and easy platform for building online store. Woocomerce is a plugin which you need to install on wordpress platform. You will have all the access of your online store by woocomerce dashboard.

Step 4: Add products and Configure

After installing the woocomerce plug-in you need to add the products from backend. You can configure all the things like price, inventory, description, shipping method, quantity etc. After all the setup done, you can start selling the products.

Idea 4) Build Apps

Today time is it’s a time of Smartphone, computer so building the specialized apps are good business idea. Android and IOS apps are mostly used app on smart phones. You need to research of the requirement and start building apps. For building apps you should have the programming knowledge. So if you are the developer or knowledge of programming then you can easily start the app building.

Idea 5) Social Media Consultant

Mostly large corporate companies hire the staff to handle their social media account such as face book, twitter, instagram etc. They promote their brands, services and products through social media channel.  So you have the options to join them and earn money as extra income by doing online work.

Idea 6) Work as Freelancer

Freelance work is very popular work which has the wide options to get the work online. You can easily post your specification on the freelancing sites. Post the relevant service and when the customer will need your service then they will contact you. You can charge the fee for your service or work. There are wide range of work in which you can do the freelancing work such as, graphic designer, writing work, programming and data entry.

Idea 7) Word Press Theme Designer

There are a lot of people wants to create the word press site but due to lack of knowledge they cannot design the word press theme. They will contact to the word press theme designer. You can do the work as word press theme designer and earn money.

Idea 8) Work with advertisers

If you have any website then you can sell the space for advertising and get the good income. The company wants to advertise their product and they search the good running website which has huge audience. You can easily promote their products and collect the commission on every ad clicks. You can also insert the Google ad sense ads and earn huge income after every click.

Idea 9) Webinars and online courses

If you’re an expert in a specialized area, then offering online course. These are the great way to earn good income. There are always good demands for tutors, whether it is online or offline. You can advertise your area of expertise on the sites such as Tutor.com or TutorVista.This is also the easy and good online business idea without any investment.

Idea 10) SEO services

This is the digital era and a lot of websites in the air. To increase the traffic websites need to be good SEO. So you can also start the SEO service to earn good income. The people running websites wants to improve their website performance and for that they contact to the SEO service. You can set up the SEO consultancy and provide the SEO service to earn good income. SEO service is also a good online business idea to earn money without investment.

Idea 11) Become a Vlogger / YouTube

Video-centering website and you tube video are very trending these days. People prefer to see the video rather than read the contents. These are the fastest growing platform. So you can start creating video and upload on the YouTube. There are a lot of people who earn million dollars from YouTube videos. You can start with any interesting topics video and upload on the video platform. Don’t wait, go for it and earn a large income.

In this post we were listed 11 best online business ideas to earn money. You can choose any from them and start your online business. Please share this post to your friends so that they can also start this online business and earn good income. Thanks for reading and good luck!

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