Best Home Remedies To Treat Sore Nipples

Best Home Remedies To Treat Sore Nipples

Sore nipples are a common complaint among women. In fact, nearly two-thirds of women suffer from it during their lifetime. Nearly about 2/3rd of the women’s suffers from sore nipples at least once during their life time. This is mainly because baby being not able to properly latch during breast-feeding. Some of the quite common reason for sore nipples is wearing of wrong bra, injury on chest area and excessive dryness near nipple region. It is also caused due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. Some of the common symptoms of sore nipples include severe pain, swelling and more. This is most sensitive part of the body, so it should be taken extra care.Here are the home remedies for sore nipples.

Symptoms of Sore Nipples

  • Itchiness and swelling in the nipple
  • Tenderness and intense pain
  • Formation of cracks around the nipples
  • Bleeding
  • Heaviness in the breast
  • Appearance of lumps or bumps around the areola

Best Home Remedies To Treat Sore Nipples

Oil Massage

You can also treat sore nipples by massaging with oils like olive oil. The moisturizing property of these oils will help keep the affected area moisturized and reduce dryness. Plus, it will reduce the problems of cracks, tears or chapping, which can worsen the condition and delay healing.Apply the warm oil on the nipples and massage gently.

Breast Milk

The nursing mothers suffering from sore nipples can make use of their own breast milk in order to get cured quickly. In severe cases, you can see cracked and bleeding nipples as well. Breast milk contains both anti-bacterial and healing properties which help in treating sore nipples.

Warm Compress

In order to get complete soothe from sore nipples, apply some warm compress around infected nipple area. The heat given from the compress provides quite easy feeling and aids for the quick process of healing.


Placing a warm compress on your sore nipples before each feeding can soothe them. You can do this by placing a washcloth moistened with warm water onto your breasts. Alternatively, you could soak your nipples in warm water while taking a bath or run warm water over them in the shower.


When nipples are completely dried, they may get cracked which leads to sore nipples. Air dry your nipples after feeding. Don’t wash nipples with water as they can easily dry your nipples. If you are suffering from severe pain apply any heal quicker but make sure to wash it before next feeding.


To get temporary relief from pain caused due to sore nipples, apply ice pack on the affected area. The cold temperature will make the infected area numb and reduces swelling.


According to medical science, higher level of stress as well as anxiety is known to enhance sore nipples. The best remedy to overcome this issue is to be more relaxed by doing yoga, meditation and massage therapy which are quite effective in overcoming this issue.

Oil Massage

You can provide oil massage to your sore nipples by providing oil massages of olive oil, almond oil and coconut oil. These oils have moisturizing properties which keep the affected area soft and also reduces dryness. In addition to that it also reduces the problems of cracking and chapping of nipples.

Aloe Vera

By applying fresh gel of aloe Vera, it helps to heal and soothe cracked nipples. This is one of the best natural remedy. In order to get effective results it’s better to make use of fresh aloe Vera.

Chamomile And Calendula

Both of these are rich in anti-microbial properties and anti-inflammatory properties which help in curing sore nipples. Make a smooth paste of calendula flowers and apply it on the affected area or you can also make use of calendula ointment in order to get relief from pain caused due to sore nipples.

Basil leaves

Make a paste of basil leaves by adding water to crushed basil leaves. Apply this basil leaves paste on nipples; allow it to dry for few minutes. It provides relief from bleeding and pain. Apply this paste for about 3-4 times a week; gradually your nipples will get healed. But it should be washed before feeding baby.