Best Haircuts For Curly Hair

Best Haircuts

Curly hairstyle is becoming very popular these days with more and more women adopting the hairstyle. The haircut looks very stylish and trendy and it enhances the looks very nicely. Many celebrites and stars like to have curly hair. Even if the hair is not curly naturally, women like to get it curled at a beauty salon. Women who have naturally curly hair are very lucky. We will be discussing about some very good haircuts that suit curly hair. A pixie cut with a feminine crop is a very nice haircut that doesn’t need much maintenance. The afro haircut suits coarse textured hair. We will suggest some other haircuts. The 7 best haircuts for curly hair are as follows.

 Best Haircuts For Curly Hair


This is not your mother’s afro. Solange Knowles’s is an update on the iconic ’70s style. “It’s a refreshing silhouette that not many women dare to try,” says Lorraine Massey, co-owner of Devachan Salon. This works better on coarse, tight textures than loose curls because you need the volume to get the fullness. “This is a modern, precision afro,” says Willhite. “It’s a teardrop shape: round at the top and tapered at the ears to hug the jawline and give it more shape.” And while this style best complements a round or square face long face shapes tend to be exacerbated by the silhouette it doesn’t have many other rules—just make sure it’s properly hydrated with a leave-in conditioner so that it has a healthy sheen.

Curly shoulder bob

It is essential to apply Diametrix Cutting Technique to this kind of shape in order to puzzle the curls and create definition. It helps the curls to intertwine into each other and gives you more length to sustain as well as giving absolute leverage of the style.  We love to bring creativity to our styles! Add a colorful scarf or fresh flowers to clip into your curls that will have everybody complimenting your hair wear! For this look we used Curlisto’s Protein Boost, Structura Lotion, with a touch of  Finishing Pomade and a few spritzes of Structura Spray.


Long bobs aren’t just for women with straight strands. Proof: Vanessa Hudgens’s sexy shoulder-grazing bob. Ask for a wedge cut; short layers in the back and long, face-framing layers in the front create an interesting angle. Bonus: The long layers can slim a round face. “And because the layers are long in front, you won’t have difficulty with curls bouncing up around the face and not blending,” says Willhite. Just don’t let the back run wild. You can get frizz under control by running Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel through wet hair with your fingers and using the diffuser attachment on your blow-dryer.

Foundation cut

This is Candace, a client of mine. I call this cut a “Foundation Cut” which is a curl by curl cutting method I developed based on DevaCurl dry cutting training principals. I call it a foundation cut because the cut is built from the foundation up. Each curl is trimmed and shaped so that it does not sit on the section below it, which gives the cut a beautiful silhouette.