Best Hair Colours For Brown Eyes

Best Hair Colours For Brown Eyes

Brown eyed beauties have a myriad of options when it comes to choosing theright hair colour. Brown eyes are very versatile so a good combination of colours and highlights would suit women with brown eyes. Here are some of the funky and chic hair colours that you can try. These will compliment well with your beautiful brown eyes.

Best Hair Colours For Brown Eyes

Blonde Hair Colours For Brown Eyes

Blonde hair colours look great on brown eyes provided the change is not too overly dramatic. A very dramatic blonde colour may not offset the colour of the eyes. Dramatic brown eyes are very well complimented by blonde and mildly sun-kissed hair.

Try an ash blonde or a platinum blonde provided you have the skin tone to carry it off. A lot of hair maintenance will also be required to keep your hair colour shade pretty. Faded blonde hair colours may not look good with brown eyes.

Brown Hair Colour For Brown Eyes

The safest colour option for brown eyes is a rich and warm brown hue. Choose the vibrant shades in L’Oreal, which come with some of the best shades of brown. A deep mahogany brown may go quite well with your brown eyes. There is nothing boring about the colour brown so be bold and experiment with these colours.

Black Hair Colour For Brown Eyes

Black as a hair colour is trickier than what is commonly perceived. A shade of black may look good on brown eyes but be sure to not pick up a colour that is too deep a shade of black otherwise it will end up draining the colour from your face especially if you have an olive skin tone. Stick to warmer and lighter tones of black.

Dark Brown Eyes With Dark Skin

This combination is wonderful as it can carry off almost any dark hair colour. Because of the richness in the hue of the complexion and the eyes, it is best to stick to shades between a very dark chocolate brown and a black that will bring out the beauty and resplendence of your eyes and your skin tone.

Dark Brown Eyes With Medium Skin Tones

Medium skin tones are tones, which are typically seen in Asian and Hispanic women. These women fare well by experimenting in shades ranging from dark brown, to highlights and lowlights in brown. Darker shades of blonde would also go very well with their eyes and skin tone.

Light Brown Eyes with Medium and Dark Skin

This combination is a little tough to perfect especially when it comes to choosing the right hair colour. Your best option is to play with lighter shades of brown and blonde. A medium blonde colour and a medium brown work well. You can also use a combination of highlights and lowlights to get a dramatic effect. The different colour tones in your hair will also enhance your eye colour as well as the colour of your skin.

Brown eyes are vivid and go well with most hair colours especially tricky ones like blonde and copper blondes that are difficult to carry off. Do consult a professional hair stylist before you go in for a colour change.

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