Best Foods To Eat On Atkins Diet

Best Foods To Eat On Atkins Diet

The Atkins diet was named after the professor who created it. Professor Robert Atkins created this diet plan which focuses on keeping a close watch on the amount of carbohydrates which are being consumed by the person.

This diet focuses on increasing the amounts of protein and fat in the diet of the patient. This is done so as to compensate for the low intake of carbohydrates. The Atkins diet is used by those who suffer from ailments such as diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol and hypertension.

People who make use of this diet have to be careful about the kind of food that they eat. There are only certain varieties of food which are permitted while the person is on this diet. It is important to be aware of these types of foods in order to include them in your diet. Here are the top foods to eat when on Atkins diet

Top Foods To Eat When On Atkins diet

Phase 1

Phase 1 is the initial stage of this diet. During this time, the person tries to make his body adjust to the new dietary changes. The person is made to exclude those foods which are rich in carbohydrates. Fish and shellfish are ideal for those who are starting to follow the Atkins diet.

Lean meat can also be consumed at this stage. Eggs are also suitable for people during this phase. Such people are advised to include nuts in their diet as well. Nuts are loaded with nutrients which are very beneficial for the health of the body.

Phase 2

During this phase, the person is made to increase his consumption of carbohydrates to some extent. The person is made to include dairy products such as cheddar cheese and mozzarella cheese in his diet. The person can also start consuming certain fruits which do not have too many carbohydrates in them. Some of the ideal fruits for people at this stage include berries and lemons.

Phase 3

During this phase, people are allowed to include a wider range of foods in their diet. Fruits such as apples and bananas can be included in the diet of the patient. Such people are allowed to consume a slightly larger portion of carbohydrates at this stage. Legumes are also introduced in the diet of such people. Kidney beans, lima beans and lentils are very nutritious and can be consumed by people who are at this stage.

Phase 4

This is the final stage of the Atkins diet. At this stage, people are advised to stick to the rule of consuming as little carbohydrates as possible. They can include foods of their choice but they must make sure that those foods are low in carbohydrates content. People who stick to this rule are able to keep a wide range of sicknesses at bay.

They are also able to keep their body weight under control. The patients are also advised to refrain from eating those foods which are processed or packaged. These foods must be substituted with healthy, natural foods which do not cause harm to the body.