Best Diet For Hypoglycemia

Best Diet For Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia is a medical condition which affects the sugar levels in the blood. A person who is suffering from this condition has abnormally low amounts of sugar in his blood. On some occasions, the blood sugar level of such a person might drop extremely low and this could be very dangerous.

Such a person can even go into a coma due to such a drastic drop. Thus, hypoglycemia is a condition which must not be taken lightly by the sufferer. It is important to take corrective action in order to raise the blood sugar to a proper level after which it must be stabilized so as to prevent it from dropping again.

Hypoglycemia has been closely linked with insulin which is responsible for lowering the amount of glucose in the bloodstream of the human body. When the amount of insulin in the body increases at a rapid rate, the level of glucose in the blood begins to drop, leading to hypoglycemia.

Many of those who suffer from diabetes often take insulin in the form of injections. In some cases, this extra insulin might cause the person to develop hypoglycemia at some point of time.

Hypoglycemia can be treated by making certain changes to your diet. There are certain foods which help to stabilize the blood sugar level and such foods must be included in your diet in order to combat this condition.

Effective Diet For Hypoglycemia



Fiber is very beneficial in cases of hypoglycemia. This is because fiber is digested at a very slow rate by the digestive system. As a result of this, glucose is gradually released into the bloodstream of the person and the occurrence of sugar surges is prevented. Whole grains contain a sufficient amount of fiber and therefore they must be included in the diet of the patient.

Meat items are also good for such people as they are good sources of protein and are digested at a very slow rate by the digestive system. This makes them ideal for such patients. High-fiber snacks such as crackers are also good for this condition.

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Fruits are ideal for people who are suffering from hypoglycemia. However, it is important to choose your fruits wisely. Citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons are good as they are not very sweet. Apples are also good in such cases.

Fruits can be used to substitute sugary snacks as they are a much healthier option for the patient. Fruit salads can be prepared and consumed so as to include a wide range of fruits in your diet.

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Foods that Must be Avoided

If you are suffering from hypoglycemia, it is extremely important to watch what you eat. There are certain foods which can cause sharp surges in your blood sugar levels. This is often followed by a rapid drop in the sugar level.

When this happens, the symptoms of hypoglycemia manifest themselves. Foods which are full of sugar must be avoided by such people. All foods containing simple carbohydrates must be avoided as they are digested very fast by the body and this causes sugar fluctuations.

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