Best CPA Exam Preparation Tips

Best CPA Exam Preparation Tips

The is a mandatory requirement in the United States of America for the qualified accountants to become a licensed Chartered Public Accountant. Since the CPA exam is very competitive, test takers should be well prepared in their subjects before they actually take the exam.

The standard CPA exam has four sections and it is always advisable to pass all four sections of the CPA exam at one sitting though options are available for reapplication in case the candidate gets a failing score in any of the CPA exam sections.
A serious candidate who is planning for the CPA exam must begin his preparation by thoroughly studying the Candidate Bulletin that is available from the official website of the CPA exam ( This website also offers a lot of study materials such as the “How to Prepare for the CPA exam” study materials; the CPA Exam Online Tutorials; Sample Practice Tests and the CPA Exam Sample Papers.

The Candidate Bulletin is actually an official guide that is designed to help candidates get familiar with the entire process of the CPA exam. The Candidate Bulletin also provides the content specification outlines that define the scope of each of the four sections of the CPA examination. Candidates must study the content and subject matter of each section of the CPA exam thoroughly before they decide on their subject choice and plan their preparation for CPA exam.

While preparing for the CPA examination, candidates are advised to take each section separately and then start taking tutorials and practice tests that are related to that section on a regular basis. After completing all the four sections, start revising the sections one by one.

During exam preparation, candidates are also advised to focus on the word processing applications and the spreadsheet applications of the CPA exam that are available in tutorials and CPA sample tests as these applications are not very much similar with the commercial applications. So review the tutorials and practice tests as much as possible to get familiarized with the CPA exam format. A lot of commercial study materials are also available for the CPA exam preparation. Candidates may purchase them if they find it useful.
is a mandatory requirement in the United States of America for the qualified accountants to become a licensed Chartered Public Accountant.

 Work Hard, Play Hard

Plan one day a week to not even think about studying for the CPA exam. You deserve a break so make plans to see a movie with a friend, go watch sports with your bros, or have a shopping spree with your BFF.  This “recharging day” will be something you look forward to all week long, especially when things become stressful.

 Remind Yourself Why

I’m going to extend a challenge to you that will take less than a minute and provide you with an insane amount of motivation. Ready? One rule, you must do this right NOW so grab a piece of paper and a pen. Got it?