Best Bridal Hairstyles

Best Bridal Hairstyles

.The wedding is the special day in everyone’s life. So, everyone wants to look stunning on that Big Day. When it is about looking beautiful, hairstyle takes the centre stage. Without a proper hairstyle, expecting the perfect and complete look on wedding is not possible.
Now, you must be imagining, which kind of hairstyle would be the best for a wedding party. According to the experts, one can go for updos hairstyle, sedu hair style, long hair style and short hair style according to the theme, choice and season of the wedding.

Once the ring has been sized and the date has been set, when the wedding has transcended the fairy-tale realm into reality, the bride to be must turn her dream ideas into actual wedding day decisions. While many details of the big day have been all but booked in the bride’s mind since the moment of engagement, one thing often remains uncertain: the Wedding Hairstyle. From the bridal up-do to the bridal down-do – and, most importantly, the bridal what-not-to do – brides-to-be can find themselves overwhelmed when faced with the choice of how to style their wedding day hair (and don’t even mention the task of styling a mass of bridesmaids, we’ll tackle that later). But fear not future brides, we have done the work for you. Read on for your bridal hairstyle guide to make those ‘big day’ choices just a little bit easier.

Lets start with the bride – all eyes will be set on the dress, the shoes, the accessories, and of course, the hair. When choosing your matrimonial mane, the requirements are simple: it must be timeless, unique, elegant, and effortless. It must also be modest but not too simple, as well as classic, but not old-fashioned. Simple right? The much-coveted perfect wedding hairstyle is hard to pin point, and ultimately it comes down to what feels right for you; what makes you feel the most beautiful, what makes you feel most like yourself. If you love your hair down then wear it down, but make it a bridal special. If you love your hair up then wear it up, but find an up-do that knocks your everyday pony or bun right out of the park.

Once you are decided about the hair style to go


Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Once you have settled on your own bridal do, you must then try and battle through the enormous task of styling your bridesmaids. Do you go for a ‘one style fits all’ type look, do you let each bridesmaid express their individual hairstyle, or do you compromise and go for a uniform theme; all in braids, all in waves, all in chignons… the possibilities are endless. One thing is for sure, you want your bridesmaids’ hair to compliment yours, not outshine it – after all, it’s all about the bride!

We love this unusual combination of a high ballerina bun for the bridesmaids and a lower chignon for the bride; both bride and bridesmaid look radiant with the hair swept up off their shoulders to reveal those beautiful strapless dresses. This is a great way to bring union to the hairstyles while still allowing the bride to take centre stage on her day. As you can see, having different styles for each bridesmaid still looks equally stunning and lets the individuality of each girl shine through. You could either incorporate a unifying theme by asking each bridesmaid to add a braid somewhere into their hair (as one example), or simply let the creative juices flow and have each bridesmaid pick their own do to reflect their personality – as long as they don’t outshine the bride of course… we love both combos.

Bohemian Braid

If you can’t commit to having your hair completely up or completely down on your wedding day, half up half down gives you the best of both hairstyle worlds. For something slightly more whimsical that manages to keep your hair from falling on your face throughout the day, this look, the braided beauty, brings a boho-esque vibe to your wedding day ensemble. Perfect to pair with vintage lace or sheer detailing, the braid is one of the most forgiving choices for unruly hair. The braid is an ideal choice for outdoor weddings that might hold a rustic-chic theme, a theme that has been rising in the recent years for weddings. The braid is the ideal choice for any bride wanting to embrace nature on their big day. If the wind begins to cause hair havoc, the braid actually gets better with wear; it can take a more tousled form with ease, perfect for those who want the structure of an up-do with the body and versatility of a down-do.

for, you have to have some knowledge about the products and accessories, which can enhance the style and look of the person. Amongst all accessories, flowers are the most common accessories used for wedding hairstyles. Apart from that, you can also include skinny headbands, tiaras, hair pins, ribbons or filers according to the need and choice.

Amongst all these choices of hair styles and accessories to enhance the look, you must be wondering, which would suit to modern day’s wedding hair style. Here, it would be unwise of me to advise you to go for a specific kind of hair style on the wedding, as it should depend upon one’s facial and body structure, colour of the dress one is wearing on that day and so many other factors. However, irrespective of all kind of factors, one can opt for some long hair styles or updos with twist and curls, which go well on wedding.

I would like to suggest you to go to your hair dresser at least two- four weeks before the wedding. Ask him or her, which kind of hair style would suit the best to your condition. Discuss with the hair stylist, what kind of dress you are going to wear and whether the wedding is an indoor or outdoor affair and other factors as well.