Best Bodybuilding Exercises For Different Types Of Body Shapes

Best Bodybuilding Exercises For Different Types Of Body Shapes

Body building exercises are the best and most important activity to stay healthy and fit. It involves increasing the size of the body by the growth of muscles. Different types of people have different body shapes.

Different body types have different characteristics and adapt to the workout to whichever you belong. There are 3 kinds of body types. Mesomorph, ectomorph or endomorph and each body type has different characteristics.


A Mesomorph body type is the muscular body type. A person of this body type can increase the muscle size more quickly and easily as they are representatives of thick bones and muscles. The shoulders and hips are of the same body type and width.

A person of this body type is athletic looking individual. A person of this body type is full of energy and they store fat all over the bodies and can easily become overweight if they consume high calorie diet.

The best method is to maintain this body type is healthy diet and balanced exercise as the people of this body type are good athletes.


These people have muscular body with strong thighs and forearms with large head, narrow waist and broad shoulders and have very little body fat.These people have good shoulders to waist ratio and has full chest.

Training For Mesomorph

The people of this body type should focus on lifting heavy weights and shaping exercises. Use heavy basic moments to hit muscle fibers. Increase training intensity with each workout and promote strength and growth and prevent burnout.Should take high protein diet and eat small meals and should increase the intake of carbohydrates and limit fat.

Aerobic exercises like brisk walking, stationery bike and treadmill should be included. Keep aerobic exercises minimum, as too much of aerobics will slow down progress and should drink lots of water.


A person of this body type is of slim physique. They are very slim and sleek and have lot of trouble to gain weight. They are lean in shape and have a very delicate build. The Mesomorph and Ectomorph body type are opposite to each other.

A person of this body type has less fat and muscles. The people of this body type have a tendency to get hurt easily during sports activities and cannot become good athletes.

The best method to maintain this body type is to be involved in both aerobics and muscle training.


They have very little body fat and have thin legs and arms. They have narrow hips and shoulders. They have thin narrow chest and abdomen and thin narrow face and high forehead.

Training for Ectomorph

The people of this body type should focus on lifting heavier weights and keep the aerobic activities minimum. An excellent diet is very important and should take high protein diet with good vitamins and minerals and increase the daily intake of carbohydrates.

They should keep the cardiovascular exercises lower and should focus on good aerobic exercises. Make the body to work hard but take plenty of rest in between the workouts.


A person with this body type is curvy. They have curves similar to the hour glass. These body types a tendency that the fat settles down in the lower regions of body.

A person of this body type has the highest capacity to store fat are more inclined to become obese.  They have the highest danger to get or attract most of the diseases.

These people should try to attract and maintain healthy body weight by having a healthy diet and exercising. Junk foods, sugar and sweets should be avoided in the diet.

Once you know the body type the mixture of diet and exercise correctly which will help to give a better progress. The goal is to attain the Mesomorph body type which can be easily attained by hard work and exercise.


A person of this body type can gain weight very easily and fat loss is very difficult. The metabolism is also very slow and has a wide bone structure.
They have wide hips and narrow shoulders and fat is spread across the body.

Training For Endomorph

A person of this body type needs to do more frequent workouts and gain weight and muscle mass. Workout should be highly intensive and should avoid training with heavy weights.

Should not focus on high aerobics but should do more of cardiovascular exercises and should target on high heart rate.

They should keep the fat intake low and consume the dairy products with a low fat. Always count the daily calories. Walk after each meal and avoid drinking soft drinks and alcohol and should drink lots of water.

Thus the body shape and body type will have the influence on the kind of exercise. The well built individuals can involve themselves in natural body building sports and short distance running.

Swimmers are muscular and develop powerful shoulders. The body type will determine into which sport or exercise one should be involved into.

Thus the body exercises are different for different body shapes and also it helps to increase the amount of resistance of full body parts. Also it is good to lose weight as well as maintain body weight.

It is very interesting as it demands a lot of concentration and hard work. Body builders are only achievable by regular exercises and proper diet as well as it is a good food supplements.

It is very necessary to have the workouts as per the body shape thus different body type’s needs different exercises and maximize the muscular strength. Maintaining good health is also the most important factor and helps to boost up the confidence.

But always remember to follow the proper techniques and procedure. Always remember to exercise with weights and also it damages the body but one should be capable of balancing heavy weights.

Because everyone is different thus everybody has different body types and the need of the body is also different thus as per the body type it is very important to have proper bodybuilding as per the body type.


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