19 Best Benefits of Sunflower’s Oil (Surajmukhi ka Tel) for Health, Hair and Skin


What are the benefits of sunflower’s oil? Is sunflower oil healthy for us? We are listing 19 best benefits of sunflower’s oil (surajmukhi ka tel) for health, hair and skin. Sunflowers oil is mostly used oil in the cooking from long time. In India Sunflower oil is called ‘Surajmukhi tel‘. This oil is prepared by the sunflower seed extraction. Sunflower’s oil has a lot of natural benefits which help to deal with several health related issue.

Sunflower’s oil is the healthiest oil due to its many nutritious composition. It contains linoleic acid, oleic acid and palmitic acid that are very useful and beneficial for your health, hair and skin. Vitamin A, D and E are also present in this oil.

Health Benefits Of Sunflower Oil:

1) Sunflower Oil for Heart Health


Sunflower oil is very effective and beneficial oil for your heart health. Sunflower contains Vitamin E , phytochemicals like choline and phenolic acid which are helpful for your heart. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats present in this oil helps in lowering cardiovascular diseases and reduce the risk of heart attack. So you should use the sunflower oil in your cooking.

2) Sunflower Oil for Arthritis

Sunflower oil is also useful to treat the arthritis symptoms such as pain and inflammation. Do the massage with this oil on the affected joint and use this oil for cooking your food which helps to prevent the rheumatoid arthritis effectively.

3) Sunflower Oil for Preventing Asthma and Colon Cancer

Sunflower oil is also beneficial to treat the asthma and colon cancer. It has more Vitamin E than other cooking oil which is very helpful to protect you from asthma and colon cancer. Use the sunflower oil while cooking your food.

4) Sunflower Oil for Fights Free Radicals

Sunflower oil contains strong antioxidant properties and also Vitamin E which are helpful to neutralizing the free radicals which can be the reason of cancer. These free radicals are responsible to damage the cells and your immune system. Using of sunflower oil can be also helpful to improve the immune system.

5) Sunflower Oil for Body Repair

Sunflower oil is useful for body repair. It contains proteins that are helpful to rebuild the damage cells and increase the production of hormones and enzymes. For energy we need the high amount of proteins and you can complete the requirement of protein by using the sunflower oil.

6) Sunflower Oil for Preventing Infant Infection


For preventing infant infections, sunflower oil is also very beneficial. Using of this oil will reduce the risk of infection in infants. Infants have underdeveloped immune system so they can suffer with infections frequently. Use of sunflower oil helps to protect them from the various infections.

7) Sunflower Oil for Healthy Nervous System

Sunflower oil contains Vitamin B which helps to promote the nervous system. Consumption of sunflower oil will be helpful to maintain the proper digestion and boost your energy.

9) Sunflower Oil for Cardiac Problems

Sunflower oil is also beneficial for reducing the cardiac problems due to the presence of selenium. Use of the sunflower oil helps to reducing the risk of lung and skin cancers. So start including the sunflower oil in your daily diet.

Skin Benefits of Sunflower Oil

10) Sunflower Oil works as Moisturizing Agent

Sunflower oil has natural moisturizing property which helps to provide the moisture to your skin. You can use sunflower oil as a lotion on your skin. It can also protect your skin from several infections. So start using this oil as your natural moisturizer.

11) Sunflower Oil for Skin Health

Sunflower oil contains good amount of Vitamin E which is the very required ingredient for your skin. It helps to improve your skin health and protect from the sun damages. Application of sunflower oil on your skin helps to clear the skin scar and wrinkle as well.

11) Sunflower Oil is Rich in Beta-Carotene

Sunflower oil is very rich in beta-carotene which is fat-soluble compound. It has the antioxidant properties that are helpful for your health and skin. It is also beneficial to neutralize the free radicals that penetrate skin. Application of sunflower helps to reduce the sunburn and repair the sun damage skins.

12) Sunflower Oil for Acne Treatment

Sunflower Oil for Acne Treatment

How to treat acne naturally? Sunflower oil is one of the best solutions to treat the acne. It contains high amount of vitamins A, C and D which works as a protector for your skin. Apply sunflower oil on the affected skin to remove the acne. Antioxidant property of sunflower oil will be helpful to clear the scar of skin and the acne, pimples etc.

14) Sunflower for Reducing Aging Sign

Sunflower oil is good natural home remedy to reduce the premature aging sign and symptoms. It contains antioxidant properties which are helpful to prevent the fine line, scare, wrinkles etc. Apply this oil on the skin and also use regularly in your diet to get the young skin.

15) Sunflower oil for Dry Skin Treatment

Sunflower oil is also beneficial to treat the dry skin problem. This is a good naturally emollient, which helps to improves skin’s moisture and get rid of dryness. You just need to prepare the mixture with sunflower oil and castor oil and apply on your dry skin. This mixture will very helpful to remove the dead skin cells and give your soft and simple skin.

16) Sunflower Oil for Treats Skin Conditions

Sunflower oil contains lot of natural properties which are very helpful to treat all the skin related problems. It helps to clear fine line and give you lighten and brighten skin tone. It also beneficial to remove the dry skin problem and provide you the soft and young skin.

Hair Benefits of Sunflower Oil:

17) Sunflower Oil for Frizzy Hair

Worry about frizzy hair? Don’t worry; sunflower oil is the good natural remedy for your frizzy hair. Use of this oil helps to softens and shine your hair. Sunflower seed oil is beneficial to control frizzes, remove dryness and control damage of hair. This oil act as a good natural conditioner which helps to treat the frizzy hair effectively.

18) Sunflower Oil for Conditions Hair

Sunflower Oil for Conditions Hair

Sunflower oil is good natural conditioner as well that helps to provide nourishment and softness to your hair. It also controls the hair breakage. Application of the sunflower oil is beneficial for controlling the hair loss and hair fall.

19) Sunflower Oil for Preventing Hair Thinning

Sunflower oil contains gamma alpha linolenic acid (GLA) that is beneficial to prevent thinning of hair. Sunflower oil is also helpful to treat the hair loss and hair fall problems.

In this post your have read about 19 best benefits of sunflower oil for health, skin and hair. Use this natural oil and also share this post to your friends so that they can also know about these amazing benefits of sunflower oil and take the advantage of this.

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